There has been a recycling truck parked at Lucienaga Mall for numerous days. Hopefully it is permanent or comes on a schedule. Collection for glass, plastic, cans and paper. Maybe the administration office for the mall knows schedule.
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    Yes, bravo Glenn! Thank you.
  • La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    Third order arrived today. Got all but 6 items, primarily things like hand sanitizer gel, Lysol Spray Professional, etc understandably out of stock. I did allow them to choose similar substitutes for out of stock items, which really only impacted 1 item and the substitute was the same brand. Placed order yesterday afternoon and picked noon today for delivery even though they had some evening delivery options last night. Received the exact toilet paper requested, one 12 pack.
  • La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    Today my 2nd order was delivered (a reorder of items not included in my first order delivered yesterday). Today's delivery included 10 of the 22 items reordered. Most my refrigerated and frozen items came (yeah). I had not clicked the permission for them to substitute similar items if out and I think I would have received more items if I had (Glenn I should have followed your advice on that). The 12 items not included in my 1st and 2nd order, I assume are probably out of right now. So that's not bad, given grocery store shortages worldwide, of the total 44 specific items I ordered the past two days 32 arrived (77%). Will definitely continue to use this service. Thank you Glenn.
  • La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    Thank you Glenn. I am in the procesd now of reordering the items that did not come. It also occurs to me that though there was no limit stated on the first order with free delivery, that maybe 1 box limit was assumed. I'll post again after 2nd delivery. Thank you again.
  • La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    NEED ADVICE ABOUT ITEMS NOT INCLUDED. Received 1st order earlier today in the delivery time specified and paid delivery man with credit card. It was 1 large box filled to the brim. However included 25 of the 44 items ordered. The receipt showed the 25 items and the receipt amount was half of what full order would have cost. None of the refrigerated and frozen foods were included. Only 1 of many cleaning products was included.
    I just logged into my account and the items not delivered are not listed anywhere in my account.
    Not as "out of stock" or moved to an undeliverable list, and have been removed from my "order" list.
    So for you who have had far less than your order delivered before, do you think they are really out of half of what I ordered, or they've stopped delivering refrigerated and frozen food during this surge of delivery services , or a delivery consists of 1 large box till full, etc? It may be because it was the first order with no delivery fee (I did tip 100 pesos but the store had no way of knowing I would tip generously). Should I place a second smaller order of just the items not included?
    Either way I am glad to have our almost bare pantry replenished and glad this service is available.
  • La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    Glenn and all thank you for the tips. I registered online and ordered but the function where you pay online with a credit card kept taking me out of the website on finalization step instead of generating confirming email. After several attempts with same result I finally followed Glenn's tips about saying you will pay driver at the door; I chose Visa card. My delivery schedule is tomorrow Saturday between 12-1. Fingers crossed.