• Diabetic Cat - Anyone able to transport supplies from States?
    We return from TX 8 or 9 February if that helps
  • Revolution Day Observed (paid holiday)
    There is misconception that the Revolution of 1910 was started to overthrow Porfirio Diaz.
    In fact he had abdicated and fled the country. Mexico had had one of few reasonably democratic elections and elected Maduro as President. Unfortunately for the conservatives, Maduro was a lot more liberal than they thought and actually had very reasonable plans for a more democratic Mexico and they wanted him out.
    They approached the US ambassador to ensure that they had his backing. When assured, they arrested Maduro and his VP who were shot trying to “escape”.
    General Carranza, I believe, was installed and that truly initiated the revolution
  • Rain is Coming: Heavy Rain Threat for Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana
    Thanks, I’m driving Laredo to SMA. So far weather sites just showing very hot and Sunny Laredo to Monterrey
  • Plaza de los Insurgentes
    Maybe there is renaming as part of construction
  • Plaza de los Insurgentes
    Interesting, I’ve always heard of that area called Plaza Garibaldi
  • Albert Coffee Tours
    Albert is terrific both for day trips to Canada de la Virgen as well as longer trips through mesoamerica

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