• Why Give to Charities?
    Well said my friend - I knew you could give the facts more eloquently than I.
  • Zumo
    So good! Great atmosphere with fantastic company. We all agreed we would go back. And the view - both of centro and a fabulous sunset.
  • Mexico's mysterious uncharted caves
    Robert and I have been to 4 or 5 cenotes in the Yucatan and we both agree they are very interesting. There are closed, open and semi- open ones. All incredible to see and explore. we look forward to visiting more. Note: if you visit one bring at least a snorkel mask and tube for some fantastic views.
  • Summer Bolognese
    Sounds great! Looking forward to trying with some gluten free pasta.
  • Crime Trends 2019
    My brain just went into overload but, I am looking forward to reading all of these articles. Thank you for the research. It is amazing and very thorough!
  • Freak Summer Hailstorms
    OMG! Mother nature has her panties in a wad.
  • VIP San Miguel card holders - 2 x 1 Breakfast week June 24 - June 29 2019
    Thanks for this information. Looking forward to trying some on the list. We did not know that some of these did breakfast.