• Why Give to Charities?
    very well said
  • A Question to INSABI Answered
    good morning Glenn,
    My wife and I have Permanante residence, Inapam cards, and drivers licenses. Since I was not familiar with CURP I did some googling and found this article. My confusion is that it says you need a CURP to
    get all the items I have but don't have a CURP, confused. Any input.
  • How do you get from SMA to the Mexico City airport?
    Hi Glenn,
    the link for these 2 pages about the buses to and from Mexico city is missing. can you check it out
  • Happy Birthday to SMA FAQ
  • San Miguel de Allende plans to eliminate the use of plastic.
    Hopefully they city will also have the foresight to find alternatives for those small vendors and the Tuesday market vendors that depend on plastic bags for their customers. Many of these vendors might not have the resources or time to find alternatives such as old fashion "paper bags" or whatever else is available. This is also a cultural issue, buying eggs in plastic bags, kids drinking fruit water in a plastic bag with a plastic straw. I hope the government is successful and then addresses the issue of garbage in the street.
  • English speaking taxi app in Queretaro and SMA areas
    I tried to download the app on my phone. I go thru the first few pages until the one which asked for Taxi type. It asked for vehicle type. color etc. I'm trying to set up as a user not a taxi so I guess i'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. It won't let me go pass the taxi set up page.
    Can anyone help?
  • Bonds 007
    also Choperia
  • Restaurants Reviews, good, bad, indifferent
    Pizza Pizza. My wife and I have been on the search for great pizza in SMA. Last year we went to
    Neapolitan Pizza in Guadalupe, it was really good. Small place around the corner from Via Organica with the pizza cooked on a Weber grill. Last night we took a taxi to Casa Papaya which is a little off the beaten track on Valle de Alcocer which is near the mall and down the street from the Sapasma offices. This place is a small B&B with a restaurant on the roof. Decor is semi funky and fun,
    Anyway they have pizza night a couple of times a month so I would make a reservation. There was a caesar salad available and the there were 5 different pizzas. We order the squash blossom with onion, mozzarella and don't remember what else. Dessert was as good as the pizza, brownie sundae.
    No liguor license so you're welcome to BYOB. We will return for pizza and probably one of their themed dinners. If you know a place with really good pizza post it here, I'd love to try it
  • Taxi, Car Service, WhatsApp?
    An update. To take advantage of the Bajiogo special you must be a VIP member
  • Taxi, Car Service, WhatsApp?
    I also use Pickme and they're great. Very timely and 10 pesos more than a taxi for in town rides.
    And Bajiogo is having a sale on Sept. 1. You buy 5 rides to either Leon or Queretaro airport for
    $100US and get 5 more rides for free,so your final cost is $10US per trip. That's a great deal
  • Nominations Open August 2018 Contest
    I would like to nominate Patronatos por Ninos, the charity that provides much needed dental, medical and psychological care to the under served children of SMA and the surrounding campos.
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    Now only if you could get some agave plants, orange trees, make tequila. Tequila Sunrise and you could have one helluva party
  • What are your favorite SMA restaurants?
    My "go to" place when I'm in Centro is Pegaso, In the small block between San Francisco and Correo
    it's a great place especially for lunch. Salads, sandwiches, the best gazpacho I've ever had as well as entrees and desserts. Service is always great, there's a roof top terrace open after 1pm and the food is always fresh.
    A new place if you have that hankering for home is Big John's Munch Box on Refugio and San Juan in
    San Antonio. Burgers, hot dogs, fries are available everyday. It's a new place so John is developing some daily specials. Right now there's delicious pulled pork on Tuesdays. Open from 12-8 Mon-Friday
    and 12-4 on Saturday.
  • Help us Give $15,000 Mexican Pesos to Charity in July
    I would like to nominate Patronato Por Ninos. Patronato gives dental and medical services to the under served poor children in the campos around San Miguel. Last year 15000 children received services thru the efforts of Patronato Por Ninos. Patronato is also the organization the runs the walking tours at the Jardin as a way to raise money. Here is the link so you can get more information about this worthwhile cause.
  • WhatsApp
    thanks, the little trick about adding the country code and the #1 did the trick for local contacts
  • POD: Picture of the Day June 28, 2018
    don't show this to Schuster