• Top Art Galleries Across Mexico
    The list cannot ignore the Amparo in Puebla - a fine small collection with some innovative ways to display art.
  • English speaking taxi app in Queretaro and SMA areas
    Note. This is an Android only App. Any iPnone users cannot get it on the App store.
  • October Nominations
    I nominate Patronado Pro Ninos - which is a charity focused on Children's health - they run several vans to pueblos in the surrounding area offering free dental and medical care for children. . Donations can be made at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>. [img][/img]
  • Nominations Open September 2018 Contest
    I nominate Centro Infantil.
  • Nominations Open September 2018 Contest
    The 10 vote rule adds some interesting dynamics. I see that both of my favorite charities have already been nominated - but I would second both Centro Infantil and Patronado Pro Ninos. Both important children's charities in our city.
  • Nominations Open August 2018 Contest
    I would like to nominate Centro Infantil de Los Angeles that serves almost two hundred children and their families.
  • Vote on the Contest Format
    Either way works - we have so many charities in SMA we should be thinking about how to get more to be successful.
  • Vote on the Contest Format
    If this is going to be a monthly event, or even periodic one, I would suggest that the big prize winner by excluded from the contest after winning for a period of time.
  • What are your favorite SMA restaurants?
    This is a hard set of choices - we keep a spreadsheet which now has 92 options (including a bunch of places that have closed over the last several years) but here would be my choices -
    Favorite every day place - either Pegaso or Victoria(on the Ancha - great Pozole)
    Special Meal - Casa Blanca - the small plates are wonderful and the tastes are subtle or Andrea - which has some unique Italian dishes
    New restaurant - Casa Blanca or Atrio - which has some really venturesome dishes - the Oriental Tacos are really good.
  • Getting Started. Read this before Registering. Read this before Posting.
    Glenn - Thanks very much for this forum. I have not checked out the full range of information but the daily digest is helpful. I have one comment. The recent donation to SMA charities was much appreciated - I am on the board of two of those charities. I got several comments from people that getting votes recorded was hard to do. There might have been a better way to explain how people could weigh in. I heard from some that they could make a comment but then not figure out how to vote. Jonathan Brown
  • Voting is Open for July
    Centro Infantil makes a material difference in the lives of kids in SMA from a few months old to five years. We just went through the graduation for the 5 year olds - an inspiring event.