• Beyond Meat. Beyond expectations.
    Yet, as for the taste, I was surprised to find that it actually did taste like meat. Sadly, the taste wasn't anything that jumps out you, but I was surprised that it resembles any other fast-food burger that you would pick up around the city.

    It's definitely something that I would pick up again if I was craving a quick burger on the run. Yet, it didn't stand out as anything special compared to other burgers I have tried in the past.

    I Tried Tim Hortons' New Beyond Meat Burger And This Is My Honest Opinion
  • Nectar
    I returned this week to try more of their menu and the server confirmed that they enchiladas are vegan. They are three for $110 pesos and there are three styles. I got the trio which is one of each.


    Enfrijoladas - Dipped in black bean sauce and filled with potatoes and carrots.
    Enchiladas with Nectar red salsa - filled with potatoes and carrots. San Miguel Style.
    Swiss Enchiladas - Covered with a mild mixed chili sauce and filled with vegan gouda cheese.

    Served with a side salad and black beans. Delicious!
  • 100 Women Who Care in San Miguel de Allende
    Last night the 100 Women Who Care organization met at the Rosewood Hotel. The members present brought their $1,000 peso donations and collectively there was $111,100 pesos to be given to the winning charity.

    The winner from the previous meeting in April was Casa Hogar Mexiquito, a local boys orphanage. They gave a report on how they used the $109,150 pesos they had won. It was used basically for plumbing. As they had said in their winning presentation at the last meeting (paraphrasing) "The orphanage is 85 years old and so is our plumbing." They added equipment to make their drinking water safe, added bathrooms and showers and more.

    Then the names of three participating charities were drawn from a hat. The charities selected were:

    Each group gave a presentation and then the members voted on who was to receive the $111,100 pesos. And the winner was ..... EdCaminos. Congratulations!
  • Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday
    Yes. We are meeting again this Saturday at Cafe Arab'ella from 9am - 11am. The following video is a useful lesson, or review, of 8 common chess mistakes.

    Everyone makes mistakes in chess, especially new players just learning the game. Today we look at the top 8 mistakes that players of all skill levels make.

    #8 Bringing out your queen too early
    #7 Not controlling the center of the board
    #6 Not Castling
    #5 Protect the King
    #4 Think about opponent's plan
    #3 Don't move pieces more than once
    #2 Stalemate
    #1 Falling for Traps
  • Lost Cat
    That's great!
    So glad to hear it. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Welcome!
    I just changed the default view or front page view for this site back to the Forum view. The forum view shows more content. You can still select the Blog view if you prefer either from the black menu bar above (on a desktop computer and most tablets) or from the top left hamburger menu (three horizontal lines on a smart phone).

    You can also use the links in the original post above to navigate to different views:
  • News Briefs July 6, 2019
    Another interesting ad from KLM, complete with cute dog!

  • DiscoverSMA: Our Community's Website
    Thanks for sharing. You've done a great job with DiscoverSMA!
  • Freak Summer Hailstorms
    Here is some cleanup from a fallen tree at the corner of San Antonio Abad and San Rafael at the Warren Hardy Spanish School.

  • Nicasio Comedor
    We just had breakfast at Nicasio Comedor for the first time. Everything was delicious and the service was quite good.

    Here is the menu for Sunday June 30, 2019 and our dishes.


    Chilaquiles verde (without egg or cheese).




    Huevo con trufa



  • SMA FAQ Charity Awards Hall of Fame
    Last updated: June 30, 2019.
  • Happy Birthday to SMA FAQ
    Thanks Ira (the third registered user after Schuster and I), Dagmar, Barb and everyone that reads this site or has contributed posts or content!
  • Vote Here: June 2019 Contest
    Voting is now closed. Congratulations to EdCaminos, Centro Infantil de los Angeles and The Rug Hook Project, winners of this month's contest and $6,000 pesos, $5,000 pesos and $4,000 pesos, respectively!
  • Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday
    We are meeting again Saturday June 29 from 9 am - 11 am.
  • Vote Here: June 2019 Contest
    Reminder, voting ends Saturday June 29 at 8 am.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    What is the safe level of arsenic in your water? Zero.

    Arsenic is an element found in the Earth’s crust, and it finds its way into food, water, soil and air. In 2000, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered tightening the drinking water standard for arsenic — then at 50 parts per billion — to as low as 3 ppb.

    Because of fears about the cost, the agency ultimately set the standard at 10 ppb, though it said there was essentially no safe level of the toxin. ...

    Some scientists believe there are harmful effects from arsenic below the drinking water standard. These include bladder, lung, liver and skin cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Recent studies have suggested that arsenic may cause IQ deficits in children and may be harmful to fetal development. ...

    If you discover that your water has arsenic in it, you can install a reverse osmosis filter next to your kitchen sink. Prices start at about $200.

    “It’s important to recognize that the current drinking water standard of 10 micrograms per liter was never claimed to be a safe level,” Smith said. “It is a risk-management decision that was made by U.S. EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act that takes into account the health effects but also the cost of mitigating [them].”


    The problem is, according to the National Research Council, with “the current [federal] drinking water standard for arsenic of 10,” we’re not talking an “excess cancer risk” of one in a million people, but as high as “1 case in 300 people.” What? My 300 extra cases of cancer just turned into a million more cases? A million more families dealing with a cancer diagnosis? “This is 3000 times higher than a commonly accepted cancer risk for an environmental carcinogen of 1 in [a million].” “f we were to use the normally accepted” 1 in a million odds of cancer risk, the water standard would have to be like 500 times lower—.02 instead of 10. Even the New Jersey standard is 250 times too high. That’s a “rather drastic” difference, but “underlines how little precaution is instilled in the current guidelines.”

    Okay; so, wait. Why isn’t the water standard .02 instead? Because that “would be nearly impossible.” We just don’t have the technology to really get arsenic levels in the water that low. The technologically feasible level has been estimated at 3. Okay. So, why is the limit 10, and not 3? The decision to use a threshold of “10 instead of 3 is…mainly a budgetary decision.” Otherwise, it would cost a lot of money.

    So, the current water quote-unquote “safety” limit is “more motivated by politics than by technology.” Nobody wants to be told they have toxic tap water. If so, they might demand better water treatment, and that could get expensive. “As a result, many people drink water at levels very close to the current [legal] guideline,…not aware that they are exposed to an increased risk of cancer.” “Even worse,” millions of Americans drink water exceeding the legal limit: all these little red triangles. But, even the people living in areas that meet the legal limit must understand that the “current arsenic guidelines are only marginally protective.”

    Maybe we should tell people that drink water, i.e., everyone, that the “current arsenic regulations are [really just] a cost-benefit compromise, and that, based on usual health risk [models], the standards should be much lower.” People must be made aware that the “targets…should really be as close to zero as possible,” and that when it comes to water, at least, we should aim for the reachable 3 limit.

    How Risky Is the Arsenic in Rice?

    "..the National Research Council has estimated that the excess cancer risks associated with lifetime exposures to arsenic at the new US arsenic standard of 10 μg/l may be approximately 1 in 300. There may be susceptible subpopulations for which the risk is even greater."
    Reverse Osmosis Filter Use and High Arsenic Levels in Private Well Water
  • Birdie's Burgers and ComiDomi Delivery
    I just compared the menu prices at Birdies (link in the post) with the ComiDomi prices. I paid about 13.5% more for the food, plus a $60 peso delivery fee plus a 7% service fee. For a total of $136 more than eating at the restaurant. I know this because I can look at the order detail at the ComiDomi site. I also gave the driver a decent tip (which would also be true for WeGo).

    I like being able to use the website to order and track the status. Personally, I am fine paying extra for that convenience but, I would like to know the difference.

    (or anyone) How much is the WeGo flat fee?
  • Birdie's Burgers and ComiDomi Delivery
    Evidently they don't show up in ComiDomi when they are not an option? It did rain starting around 5pm at our house in San Rafael. Why that prevents them from delivery or they choose not to deliver if there is rain, I don't know.