• Saturday Chess
    I won't be there Sat Jan 18, so no Chess Challenge but feel free to gather for chess as usual.
  • Why Give to Charities?
    This post from three months ago seems relevant again in light of some current conversations on local social media based on inaccurate and malicious innuendo aimed at all local foreign run charities. If you do not know what I am referring to, count yourself lucky.

    By the way, the next 100 Women Who Care is Monday Jan 20.
  • Mechanics
    Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. 4 Stars

    Better know as Fonzie or The Fonz.

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  • A Question to INSABI Answered
    I was asked via email:
    "The 'all people in the territory' a clarification. Are they going to attend to the emergencies of tourists while in the country?"

    First, to clarify, this is the federal policy but not all states have agreed to this yet. See: Brief News and Views Jan 11, 2020: The State will not sign an agreement to centralize health services to Insabi. So there is still quite a bit of uncertainty.

    Second, the intent with regards to tourists is not clear to me.

    In addition to a CURP (which tourists would not have) you can also provide a birth certificate but it is not clear to me if a foreign birth certificate would work. But if a foreign birth certificate works, and if a tourist has one, then maybe this could apply to tourists as well?

    Shorter answer: I don't know.
  • A Question to INSABI Answered
    See this from Qroo Paul:
    Finding and Printing Your CURP to Access Mexican Public Healthcare.

    You probably have a CURP. It is probably on your PR card. Ours is.

    I understand you can use the PR card (if it has your CURP) for ID for INSABI, but most people advise not carrying your PR card around unless absolutely necessary because it can be very difficult to replace if lost or stolen. So, you can access your CURP online, get a PDF and print it out. Qroo Paul tells you how.

    I'm not sure why some PR cards might not have a CURP on them -- maybe older cards don't have it?
  • Saturday Chess
    We're playing chess again Saturday Jan 11. Win a free breakfast or lunch! See Chess Challenge above.

    Free copy of John Bain's Chess Rules for Students or Checkmate! Ideas for Students for beginners of all ages, while supplies last.

  • Getting Sued for Defamation in Mexico
    Trial for moral damage, another threat to free journalism
    For what is at stake in this process, the right of journalists from Guanajuato to conduct well-founded investigations to track the origin and destination of public resources should be carried out with the greatest possible transparency and clarity.
    The freedom to investigate public power faces a case that will set a precedent in Guanajuato.

    The lawyer Roberto Saucedo Pimentel and the journalist Arnoldo Cuéllar Ornelas have had the dubious honor of being the first protagonists of a trial for moral damage, the figure that replaced defamation of honor as a legal instrument to limit freedom of expression.
    Trial for moral damage, another threat to free journalism (sp).

    See also:
    Moral damage: the legal resource that grows in Mexico (sp).

    Federal Civil Code Aricle 1916.

    Right to fair compensation for moral damages (sp).

    Freedom of expression above moral damage? (sp).
  • Crime Trends 2019
    Brief Update Jan 5, 2020
    113 (unofficial) homicides in 2019.
    More Security in San Miguel de Allende Jan 3, 2020.

    113 / 1.7 = 66.
    (We have a population of about 170,000 people.)

    Current annualized murders per 100,000 in SMA = 66.

    The US Dept of State U.S. Citizen Deaths Overseas ...
    This is updated at six month intervals, with a delay, so no change since our last update.
    ... through the first half of this year includes 0 U.S. Citizen deaths due to non-natural causes in SMA in 2019.
    U.S. Citizen Deaths Overseas.

    Mexico Crime Report: November

    SMA official homicide rate ...

    Interactive infographics is available at this website.
    Mexico Crime Report

    Semáforo Delictivo: November

    Interactive infographics is available at this website.
    Semáforo Delictivo
  • Saturday Chess
    No chess today, Jan 4. Cafe Arabella is closed until Monday Jan 6.
  • Brief News and Views Jan 1, 2020
    And, no more Seguro Popular, but ...
    Vázquez Olivas recalled that people who have a current Popular Insurance affiliation will continue to fully enjoy their rights.NVI Noticias
  • Brief News and Views Jan 1, 2020
    I may have misunderstood something, the articles or their translations I read may not be accurate and things may change during implementation. But, with that caveat ... Seguro Popular no longer exists.

    It is also not clear to me that having a CURP is sufficient to qualify. Some of the law / articles refer to Mexicans and some to people or families. It may be that a CURP is sufficient to get coverage if you are a Mexican. Or, maybe it is available to anyone with a CURP.

    Examples that are ambiguous (to me):

    As of January 1, 2020, all Mexicans who do not have social security will be able to receive medical care and medications free of charge and without restrictions with the entry into operations of the Institute of Health for Welfare (Insabi), which replaces the Insurance Popular.

    The federal government announced that people who are not affiliated with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) or the Institute of Social Security and Services of State Workers (Issste), will be able to access the benefits just by presenting their INE , the Key Unique Population Registry (CURP) or birth certificate.

    Beginning tomorrow, Mexico joins Canada in providing its citizens with a universal healthcare system. A very popular campaign promise to many Americans promoted by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Mexicos’s new universal healthcare system begins January 1st., the health department announced, and will cover all Mexicans that do not have healthcare insurance. They can now receive medical attention without any restrictions, and it’s completely free.

    The new healthcare system has been created by AMLO’s new progressive government. It will be run by the healthcare institute of warfare (Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar INSABI). It will provide medical care to all Mexicans who do not have access to health insurace. ...

    “They citizens will no longer need to go to a module, join and receive a health policy; nor will they have to pay annual fees to be treated in the medical units as was the case before, ”said the statement.” Said the Health department communique.

    Of Social Protection in Health

    Chapter I
    General disposition

    ARTICLE 77 BIS 1. All Mexicans have the right to be incorporated into the Social Protection System in Health in accordance with article four of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, regardless of their social status.
    Chapter II
    Of the Benefits of Social Protection in Health

    ARTICLE 77 BIS 7. The families whose individual members meet the following requirements shall enjoy the benefits of the Social Protection System in Health:

    I. Be residents in the national territory;
    II. Not be right holders of social security;
    III. Have a Unique Population Registration Code;
    IV. Cover the corresponding family quotas, in the terms established by article 77 Bis 21 of this Law, and
    V. Comply with the obligations established in this Title.
    Ley General de Salud

    So, citizens only? All people with a CURP? I don't trust "Be residents in the national territory" to refer to Temporary or Permanent Resident status. I'm sure we'll be learning more soon.
  • lunch up north
    Here, I must disagree with Mexpatriate Steve when he says "Third, in setting wages be aware that paying amounts higher than the standard local wage can have an adverse affect on local costs. Your charity can actually harm people you have never met.".

    Paying someone a living wage higher than the local standard will not hurt the local economy as a whole and can help that individual and their family. If enough people do it it will raise average wages and help the local economy. True, these effects will not be evenly distributed but higher wages for Mexicans in Mexico would be a good thing.

    Agree? Disagree? Feel free to leave your civil comments below.
  • Saturday Chess
    We're playing chess again Saturday Dec 21. Win a free breakfast or lunch! See Chess Challenge above.

    Free copy of John Bain's Chess Rules for Students or Checkmate! Ideas for Students for beginners of all ages, while supplies last.

  • Amigos de Animales Garage Sale
    Today Dec 20 and tomorrow!
  • WhatsApp
    Providencia gas delivery +52 415 109 5357 (stationary tanks). I have only used my (no bueno) spanish with them on Whatsapp.

    For Cylinders — +52 415 124 8896 (I have not tried this number).

    For VIP Club Card holders $60 centavos will be taken off the price of a tank refill that is posted on the truck and that amount is reflected on your factura. Please remember that the price is officially set as a ceiling price each month by the Mexican government. You must show your card or NO DISCOUNT.
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