• Top Rated Historical Walking Tours from Patronato Pro Niños are Back on Fridays!
    I think the time setting in the post zigged when Daylight Savings Time zagged and we didn't notice. Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed that. (And our event times have a granularity of 30 minutes so it shows 9:30 insted of 9:45.)

    From the link
    Regularly scheduled tours take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Groups meet in the Jardin across from the Parroquia (large church) at 9:45 AM, and leave at 10:00 AM. Donation: 300 pesos (cash)

    Can you confirm this is all still correct?
  • Post about your business, charity, event or whatever for free on SMAFAQ
    People often ask me to post things for them and my answer is almost always "No, but you can post it yourself." Saying "no" is actually difficult for me. I want more stuff on SMAFAQ.

    So, why won't I do that?

    I would rather help you learn how so that you are not dependent on me. That helps both of us.

    Also, your post is about something you know about and I know little or nothing about so it should be coming from you. Any questions people have about it should go to you, not me. If there are changes you should be responsible for them and your post. Although I'm glad to help with any technical issues.

    And a technical note. The forum software does not allow me to start a post from someone else. As administrator I can delete any post and I can edit any post. This means I can help if you create a post and get stuck -- I often help people add images, for example. But, I can't create a post and make it appear that it came from someone else.

    If you want something posted but need to be anonymous contact me and I can help with that.
  • where to get Covid testing in SMA
    For the PCR tests, MicroTec came to our home and took samples in the morning and we got the results that night (10 ish as I recall).
  • where to get Covid testing in SMA
    Here are some options for both PCR and Antigen ... I copied from Joey Merrifield here. (She posted that January 8, 2022).

    We have personally used MicroTec tests at our home.

  • SMA News and Coronavirus Update January 18, 2022
    From above
    "GW: I don't understand the 'apple' reference or idiom. If you do, please feel free to enlighten me,"
    Reader Rod tells me that manzana is slang for a city block. Thanks!
  • SMA News and Coronavirus Update January 15, 2022
    There are lots of recent anecdotes about new Omicron reinfections after a recent Omicron infection. It’s certainly possible if your first Omicron infection was a low-dose one that didn’t stimulate your immune system enough or if you’re immunocompromised. Be careful folks.

    Even if you don’t consider yourself at high risk, getting Covid may not be a walk in the park. It’s also not clear how much an Omicron infection protects you from getting it again. Generally, non-severe infections don’t cause strong immunity.

    Post-shift thoughts. 1/14/22

    Breaking News: For the first time, the CDC said cloth masks weren’t as effective as other options. “Wear the most protective mask you can,” the agency urged.

    We’re facing a tsunami, not a wave. Many hospitals are getting overwhelmed.
  • Saturday Chess -- on Hiatus
    Well done to have solved it at all!
  • Mexperience: Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Free eBook
    No, I'm not mad and I thank you for reporting your experience and I believe your experience. But Mexpro is a real company and have been for years. Earlier today I talked to a rep for a well known and respected insurance broker physically here in SMA that is a competitor of Mexpro and he also confirmed that they are a legitimate operation -- speaking of his competition.

    Still, buying insurance is "buyer beware" in my experience. :smile:
  • Mexperience: Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Free eBook
    Mexpro is a well known and established insurance broker. I don't know what happened to your call but it sounds like it may have gotten routed incorrectly.
  • mexpatriate: paying the piper -- at a discount
    For us the list is shorter.
    1. Pay our estimated Sapasma for the year.
    2. Pay our property tax (predial) for the year.
    3. Pay Sirce for alarm monitoring for the year.

    We don't have a postal box nor a car. Property in SMA does not require a trust deed.

    For information on how to pay property tax (Predial) online (and get a 15% discount for paying in January), see any recent Upcoming Activities and Events, such as yesterday's:
    Upcoming Activities and Events January 7, 2022.
  • Mexperience: Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico 2022 – Free eBook
    Thanks for letting us know. For what it's worth, after seeing your note, I tried the insurance website from the eBook and was able to quickly get a quote on homeowner insurance and then modify the coverage and get a second quote.

    I'm not endorsing the insurance advertised in the eBook because I know nothing about it, but as I say in the post about the free eBook:
    GW: This guide is not specific to SMA but it does have some useful background and general information if you are new to the subject.
  • How to register for the Covid Vaccine in Mexico
    Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier. You never know what might happen but I expect Mexico to reserve Pfizer vaccines for those under 18 as it is currently the only vaccine approved for minors in Mexico. So, I would not expect that, at least not anytime soon.
  • How to register for the Covid Vaccine in Mexico
    Booster vaccine for people aged 40 to 59: Federal Government has already enabled the registry.
    The application of the third dose to the adult population is currently being concluded and will soon begin for teachers.
    Infobae (sp) | English.
    Published by Infobae at January 05, 2022 3:39 pm.
  • Rancho Santa Clara: How I'm going to make 2022 an exciting year
    No. But I think they have had honey to sell on occasion.

    I'm a Cuban-American living with my husband of 49 years in a small ranch about five miles outside San Miguel de Allende. We retired here 15 years ago.

    This blog began as a means of recording our experiences with building a completely off-the-grid house (except for propane refills twice a year). We moved in about ten years ago and the blog has developed into a narrative of our life here.
    Al Lanier
  • Jazz
    This doesn't really answer your questions, but I just ran across this and it may be a place to start to check out the local jazz scene ...

    Special Jazz Concert, By Ricardo Benitez Presenta
    The Dreams And The Wizard
    With Alex Krautz, Gabriel Hernandez And Adrian Flowers
    Jan 12
    Paprika Restaurant
  • Chess Sunday Jan 2
    Reminder: This is happening Sunday January 2. If you play chess I hope to see yo there!
  • SMA News and Coronavirus Update December 31, 2021
    I just now saw this (Saturday morning) but I did not see any times or schedule published ... until yesterday afternoon.

    Details of the 'end of the year party' in the Main Garden.
    SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE. - After last year's suspension by Covid-19, the New Year's Eve Party will return to San Miguel de Allende. By keeping this municipality in Green color within the Epidemiological Traffic Light of the health authorities, this traditional event is getting ready to close the year with joy ...
    News San Miguel (sp) | English.
    Published by News San Miguel at December 31, 2021 4:16 pm.
  • Water- the Aquifer etc
    I meant "I guess it depends on the source of the bottled water" and I'm not disagreeing with what you said.

    Their last sentence: "In the meantime, please be careful and only buy bottled water from reputable distributors, or contact us directly for up-to-date information and recommendations."
  • Water- the Aquifer etc
    Fair point. I guess it depends on the source ... I went back and looked at what Caminos de Agua said:

    We have tested many brands of commercial bottled water in our region and have never found any significant levels of arsenic, fluoride, or other contaminants. That said, numerous other studies have shown excessive levels of arsenic, fluoride, biological, and other contaminants in bottled water all throughout Mexico. In the future, and as resources allow, we plan on offering more information on local bottled-water companies and options. In the meantime, please be careful and only buy bottled water from reputable distributors, or contact us directly for up-to-date information and recommendations.Caminos de Agua: What Can You Do To Have Safe Drinking Water?
  • U.S. Embassy News, Updates, and Information
    Latest update: December 31, 2021: Travel To The United States On Expired U.S. Passports
  • How we cut our high CFE bill
    Our system cost under $4,000 USD fully installed.

    If you meant that question for Tim, or have any question for Tim, you can contact him at his phone number or email in the original post.
    415 101 3698
  • Water- the Aquifer etc
    @Caminos de Agua has a number of posts here about the issues.

    Yes the water is very low and tap water can be dangerous to drink. You can get safe drinking water via bottled water (including 5 gallon bottles with a dispenser) or with a reverse osmosis system.

    Changing agriculture is a difficult both politically and practically.
  • Alarming Events at Well-known Nursing Home
    And anyone looking for more information, in addition to the two articles linked above, you might want to read these two threads on Civil SMA -- you need to be a member to read.

    Warrents And Arrests!! At Well Known Nursing Home - Angel Marin Diaz

    Home for older people who need care?

    They provide some discussion and followup on this incident and provide some additional background. They include some people that are very happy with the establishment and some that are not.

Glenn Wilson

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