• July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    Polls and Voting
    I have added a post with an embedded video that shows how Polls and Voting work.

    Polls and Voting

    Also, in the future, the post that contains the contest polls will be streamlined with less distracting information, no comments, discussion will be directed to a separate post for discussing that vote and contest. I can't really change the polling tool itself but we can explain things better and design the polling post better.
  • July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    How to Register
    To help folks that have difficulty registering for the site I have created a post with an embedded video that walks through the process. That post is
    How to Register
    I intend another on How to Vote in a poll. The idea is that both of those will be accessible from the Post with the poll in future contests. I can not do much to change the process but I hope that explanation will help.

    [Also, but not contest related, I'll probably do some others on creating a new discussion, adding an image to a post, adding YouTube to a post, etc.]

    I think How to Register and the voting post (not yet created) will help people register if they read the post / watch the video. Anyone that sends people a link to the contest posts, in the future, might want to encourage them to view those if they have any questions or issues with the process.
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    POD: Picture of the Day July 21, 2018
    Photo © 2018 Glenn E Wilson (CC BY 4.0).
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    POD: Picture of the Day July 20, 2018
    A Journey on the Balsa Tierra. Waiting for his vanilla frappuccino with whipped cream. Photo © 2018 Glenn E Wilson (CC BY 4.0).
  • July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    Feedback from me:
    The Good:
    • We gave away 15,000 MXN pesos. Actually, 11,000 so far. I still need to get 4,000 to Lola Cortina / Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka. We have exchanged emails and it should happen soon.
    • People were generally very positive about the charities. Only one post was deleted for an inappropriate remark about "another" charity in the voting discussion.
    • I was pleasantly surprised by how many people participated. Over 300 voters.
    • We avoided giving anyone the impression, so far as I know, that we were giving away $15,000 USD instead of MXN.
    • The website name was registered June 18, operational around June 23, open to the public June 30 and we finished this contest today July 19.
    The Bad:
    • Some people had trouble signing up and have still not fully registered so they can not vote and they can not post. (Email confirmation issues).
    • Some had difficulty voting (finding where to vote) or understooding what to do to vote and may not have voted.
    • Some received not found (404) errors meaning the web page they were trying to go to did not exist.
    The Ugly:
    • Privacy issues.
    • Whats up with the Likes?
    • The feedback for some was not sufficient feedback to know if their vote registered.
    • Difficulties with registration (email confirmation mainly) that people were able to work around.

    We do want to improve the experience and I will introduce some ideas about that later. Soon. More feedback and suggestions for next time are welcome.
  • July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    Some other feedback I received (paraphrased):
    I think it is great that you sponsored this contest, but, some feedback as requested.

    • The steps that needed to be taken to enroll and then vote were way too complicated.
    • A number of people did not understand what to do; hated all the steps that had to be done and couldn’t tell if they voted or not.
    • Some people preferred not to use their last name on a public website but thought they had to.
    • There's an option to send a message to other members through your website. Some people prefer privacy and do not want that.
    • Why are there “likes” on the website?
  • July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    Copied from an email :
    Many people complained that it was not easy to
    • find the page (page not found), or,
    • find how to vote.
  • July 2018 Contest Feedback.
    (Copied from another discussion thread:
    Glenn - Thanks very much for this forum. I have not checked out the full range of information but the daily digest is helpful. I have one comment. The recent donation to SMA charities was much appreciated - I am on the board of two of those charities. I got several comments from people that getting votes recorded was hard to do. There might have been a better way to explain how people could weigh in. I heard from some that they could make a comment but then not figure out how to vote. Jonathan Brown
  • Getting Started
    Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to collect comments on the contest at:
    But we will take feedback anywhere we can get it. Thanks!
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    I need to click the link then request permission, I think you may need to download the image to your computer then upload it or drag-and-drop it.
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    Yes, images from others would be great! You may post in this discussion. You may start a new discussion. There are not a lot of rules, but see: and (see 2. Responsibility of Contributors.) Mostly be nice, no politics, no spam, don't break any laws. :-)
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    POD: Picture of the Day July 19, 2018
    Photo © 2018 Glenn E Wilson (CC BY 4.0).
    Thanks Connie for letting everyone know about this!
  • Chiles en Nogada Cooking Lesson
    That sounds great and thanks for posting!
  • POD: Pictures of the Day July 2018 Part II
    POD: Picture of the Day July 18, 2018
    Floating flowers at Fabrica la Aurora. Photo © 2018 Glenn E Wilson (CC BY 4.0).
  • SMA-Chat
    Still looking for guinea pigs volunteers to try this out. You can message Schuster as described above or just leave a comment here if you are interested in checking it out.
  • voting
    I have been asked to verify if someone has voted or to verify who they voted for.

    I am not able to see that information. I can not see if you voted and I can not see who you voted for.
  • voting
    Thanks for this feedback @Demaree Rohanna! I have a few ideas for next month but it is too late for this month.

    But, for those who find this post and want to know how to vote or where to vote.
    Make sure you are registered and signed in.
    Go to this post:
    Voting is Open for July

    Read that initial post. You will probably need to scroll down to read the whole thing. If you just want to vote, ignore the comments under the post.

    As part of that post you should see something like this. That is where you vote.
    Click or tap the row with to the charity you support. The circle next to it should get filled in. Then click or tap Vote Now.
    This will look slightly different on a mobile device.
    ^^ That is a picture. Go to the other post linked above to vote.

    If, instead, you see something like this, you are not signed in, or have already voted, or,...

    One other possibility is if you see this right below the results:
    Then you clicked to view the "Results" before voting. If so, then you will need to click that ("Poll") to get back to the Poll from viewing the Results. Then you can vote.