• The One Thing Most Folks Who Move to Mexico Say They’ll Do, But Rarely End Up Accomplishing
    I came to Mexico with the desire to learn Spanish. And I did. (Still doing so of course). I started at the Warren Hardy School and what a great experience! Highly recommended.

    Later I studied at various other schools and then at The University of Guanajuato. But Warren Hardy laid the foundation. I always look back fondly, super helpful and nice people.
  • Warren Hardy Spanish 101: Cortesía
    Great videos! Thanks. I studied with Warren Hardy when I first came to Mexico in 2009. I didn't know much Spanish at that time, but quickly got up to speed with his (and the other teacher's) help. A wonderful school.

    I remember the first time I said Buen Provecho to a family in a restaurant as I was walking past. They lit up with such beautiful smiles that I felt I had really cracked one of the secrets of living here. Many thanks to WH.
  • Mexperience: It’s Urgent that You Wait
    In my 10+ years living full time in Mexico, I've simply come to accept that when someone says they'll do something ahorita, it means probably sometime today.

    Similarly mañana (depending on context) means who knows when. Sometime in the future... maybe.

    It's okay. I do it, too. :smile:

Victor David

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