• Lamb for sale, plus much more
    Just a reminder that Saturday I will be at the Los Frailes Saturday market with all kinds of lamb cuts plus a brand new batch of pork sausage, hot and mild. Don't miss out.
  • Lamb for sale, plus much more
    Saturday morning, rain or shine I will be at the Los Frailes market from 10 to 1, I need to ask you if you would like a pork roast, come and look at my lamb sausages, chuletta, pork sausage rabbits etc etc. Join me, Fernanda
  • Lamb for sale, plus much more
    This Saturday I will bring lots of chuletta, sausages, rabbits, pheasant eggs, and special of the day, jimmy Dean type of breakfast sausage, hot or mild, take your pickf7208p3fwje40ywc.jpg
  • Lamb, lamb
    To all my customers, please forgive me for standing you up. My husband Jon had hart problems and we ended up in the hospital. He is ok. I will freeze your lamb orders and bring it next Saturday. Fernanda
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Try lamb dinner for Easter. Call or WhatsApp Fernanda at 332-213-2489
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Tired of bacon and eggs for breakfast? Try our mild breakfast sousage on a roll, cut a slice as thick or as thin as you like, and enjoy.
    Call Fernanda at 332-213-2489dqyko39ulyue6zzp.jpg
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Last night supper, Mergueze sausage on an Italian bun, OMG the flavor of the toasted spices to die for.hs4vbdq21kw46bxa.jpg
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Cooked it sous-vide at 57 for 8 hours, then broiled it for 5 minutes to finish. Used the juices with red wine, butter and beef stock to make a pan sauce. Outstanding! Thank you.h616x7sjq4od2a37.jpg
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Lamb turkish style, from Andrea, our New chef
    750 gr cubed lam
    2 onion chopped, 2 cloves of garlic chopped
    1 tbsp of cilantro, cumin and pine nuts
    Put one tbsp oil in a wok, saute pine nuts, onion and garlic until browned, than move to separate container.
    Saute lamb. Add the pine nuts, onion, garlic and spices, saute for 5 more minutes.
    Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot on a bed of rice. Enjoy
  • Lamb dinner tonight
    Lamb marinate from Linda
    6 lamb chops or steaks
    5 lemons, 4 juiced -one whole
    1 cup olive oil
    1 bunch green onion
    Fresh rosemary, thyme,oregano,and lost if garlic
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Put in blender and mix well
  • Valentine's day dinner special
    Two boneless shoulders and some chops left from the last lamb, plus some delicious sausage.
    Try the one with pecorino Romano cheese, to die for.
    Call of R watsupp Fernanda at 332-213-2489
  • Valentine's day dinner special
    New lamb arriving Wednesday afternoon,
    Call for availability
    Fresh lamb sausage italian style just made
    Limited quantities, please call Fernanda at

Fernanda Chessman

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