• Trip Report from Charlie: SMA to Portland OR Mar 18
    Just amazing photos. Was it a 6 am flight to start with? What airline? We are in self quarantine. Just me and my dog, Internet, TV and books.
  • End of Life documents
    Pointless because she owns no real estate and thus probate cannot be opened.
    she said POINTLESS because she has no real estate neither do I does that mean my will is pointless??? Maxine
  • End of Life documents
    I have a will but don't own property. Glenn: you stated that without owning property, a will is useless. The lawyer I used didn't mention that to me. This is the first time I ever heard that. Can you verify that a will is useless without owning property? I don't see what the difference is. Gracias, Maxine
  • Merak-Hairstudio.Skincare recommendation
    Can you post the prices for hair and facial at this new wonderful place?
  • What are your favorite SMA restaurants?
    Depending on which side of town I'm on, I go to either Juan's Cafe Etc on Relox or to Don Lupe Grill on Salilda a Celaya. Both have excellent food without exhorbitant prices. With special guests in town, I will take them to Hecho en Mexico for a lovely experience and great food.