• Entering Phase 2 of the coronavirus with the help of the Camino, history, humor, and Garrison Keillo
    A lot of embellishment and BS. If so bad here the author should go to the US and better yet New York City.

    Major efforts are being made throughout Mexico to control the rate of infection.
  • The Financial Requirements for Mexican Residency Are Increasing in 2020
    On my web site are the financial requirements and processes for visas. In 2019, the amounts went up 16%. In 2020 another increase of 20%. For those who's financials are getting close to the requirements I suggest they apply this year. The Mexican minimum wage may very well rise by a similar large amount next January resulting in an equal increase in the financial thresholds to qualify for a visa.
  • Seguro Popular
    Seguro Popular no longer exists. The new program is called INSABI. The same facilities that were named Seguro Popular are now part of INSABI. Services are available to citizens and to those with a Temporary or Permanent Resident visa. There are no memberships. Please prresent your visa and a print out of your CURP. Your CURP number is on your visa. To print out your CURP please see my web site under ETC and I also have a page dedicated to health care.