• Coronavirus Update Mar 29, 2020
    Thanks again, Glenn, for providing this invaluable service to the community. Your website is quickly becoming indispensable.
  • Coronavirus Update Mar 14, 2020
    I second Betz' thank-you, Glenn. Yours is now my go-to source for general information about security in Mexico. Thanks to you, I'm also now a huge fan of Dr. Greger and his diet! SMA loves you!
  • How Not to Die from Heart Disease
    Shelter Theater will host a 'How Not to Die' event, including the showing of Dr. Greger's full-length presentation on reversing heart disease with diet. Speakers will be on hand to answer questions about the vegan diet and general health issues. Feb 16, Sunday, 3 pm at Vicente Guerrero 4.
  • Benefits of Flax Seeds for Inflammation
    As a vegan 'newbie', I'm very interested in such discussions although I confess a lot of them are above my head at the moment. I would very much welcome a presentation on flax seed at either the next meeting of our local 'Vegan Wave' group or as an event at Shelter Theater. Debate is good!
  • Benefits of Flax Seeds for Inflammation
    Thanks for being our 'doubting Thomas', Tom. We need contrarian opinions like yours to keep us questioning these complicated and sometimes confusing issues. Keep up the skepticism!
  • Found dog in Landeta
    She looks like a sweetie! Let me know if no one claims her. I might take her in. Thanks
  • Welcome! How to subscribe.
    Thanks, Glenn. The site looks great, easy to use, classy! I'm all in!