I know you Athea!!

    This is NOT for the virus. This is all about dogs. Right ?¿?¿?

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoe
  • DIY ... Do it yourself ... Start your own
    It's working! I'm a real food bank!!! Mostly me ... and a kind neighbor here and there ... buy the dry food mentioned above.

    Today I approached the tienda I buy it from and asked if I could distribute the "old fruits and veggies". They were only too happy to say ... yes.

    So in about a half hour I go pick up the first load. It will be distributed the same way the dried stuff is. I deliver to my Mexican partner and she distributes it to known needy famlies.

    But I have a really fun idea for next week. Gotta get it planned out first before I explain it.

    The thing is ... you could do the same thing. The tienda knows I'm not joking. I pay retail for the 8 dispensas I get. They know me and we have developed a trust. And now they have a chance to be generous with something that will help others and won't hurt them.

    Yahoo ... Zoe
  • Coronavirus Update May 22, 2020
    This whole thing is so interesting.

    First, the stats are muddied. At best. Having little to do with reality. The tests are unreliable in the extreme and there aren't very many of them. So an increase in "confirmed cases" can reflect many things. One of them being ... we are testing more.

    We also have no idea the fatality rate. To know that we would need to know how many are infected, including those with "few or no symptoms". Which we aren't testing. Apparently the rate is quite low and in line with some flues.

    Also the death stats. If you died in a car accident ... with the accident as the main cause ... but you had tested positive for C-V ... using the unreliable tests ... then it is listed as a C-V death. This has no real meaning. Still what is reported does sound scary, meaningless as it is.

    And so there will be the continued slow spread of ... increasing reported confirmed cases and deaths ... through the outback / boondocks / campo.

    So for a while ... as that continued ... so did lock down. We are now at 9 weeks and counting. How long can you keep an already below poverty rate basically starving people locked up with little or no income?

    Because they not only can't work here. They can't work there. So the flow of cash being sent home, which supported so many, is also dwindling.

    Anybody have any idea as to why this happened. Cause a massive depression. Both economically and personally. I have some. And my ideas have held. Yet I am always curious about how others think as well.

  • Coronavirus Update May 22, 2020
    I use DuoLingo to learn Spanish. Of the 4 skills involved in knowing a language ... I find listening / hearing the most difficult. This is amplified because typically Mexicans are some of the most rapid speakers in the world ... with little enunciation.

    Using this video ... with the captions ... in English ... was a great way to practice listening ... with the words / translations right there. And not just any listening. It was with an SMA accent.

    Thank you!

  • Medical Meat Bias
    Oh! I had not said anything about this.

    I seem this 'pandemic' is bringing so many gifts. The shift to provide more bike lanes and foot paths and fewer conveniences for cars. The destruction of many an office. Encouraging all sorts of things to move outdoors. Office meetings, restaurants. Other things just hinted at in the news now

    It is lamented that so many in the medical field are being struck down by this. So a question being investigated ... even in Harvard and Oxford ... is why are some not being affect and others are not.

    The answer comes back ... it is lifestyle. Exercise. Food choices. A peacefulness. Even intermittent fasting seems protective.

    The idea that it is health and not medicine that is a defense. Health being something we choose for ourselves. Medicine being something others provide.

    One of the things I was waiting for ... didn't want to be the first to say it ... but it should become obvious if the medical people are so affected, then they aren't practicing the necessary lifestyle. The observation ... doctor, heal thyself. If they can't, then perhaps another gift will be a greater awareness ... a more general asking ... why? Why can't they? What is wrong with this picture?

    This gift of movement away from meat and towards veggies is being urged on another front. With the collapse of the meat packing plants ... and the attendant supply chains ... people are being forced to rethink their eating patterns.

    This whole thing has me so grateful.

  • Brief News and Coronavirus Update Apr 23, 2020
    Thank you for posting about the ventilators.

    In the link below one of the top doctors explains how being put on a ventilator causes a disease called ... Being on a ventilator. And it is an additional and very heavy burden for the body to recover from when it is already sick.

    But it does look like the powers that be are Doing Something!!! And the idea adds a modicum of comfort.

    There is so much about this that is fear ... not facts. And it is resulting in people doing a lot of silly things.

    Dr Westin-Price asked such a sensible question. If you want to know about health, why are you studying sickness?

    Studying sickness results in a medical system. One that responds with pills and procedures and now ventilators ... while paying others lots of money to do it for you ... usually after the fact.

    Studying health results in ... a lifestyle that places responsibility for building your own health on you personally. That usually involves ... move a lot ... eat real food ... mostly plants ... not a lot. It involves minimizing stress. And a host of other common sense things. Which you do for your self.

    The estimates are that 90% of people infected have mild or no symptoms. And so the big question is ... why? Why some and not others? I suspect that to the extent one takes responsibility for one's own health ... to that extent there is a certain immunity.

    Of course the medical system won't likely discover that, because it's an inconvenient truth and they aren't looking for it. Certainly it doesn't clog hospitals and offer money making opportunities. But it is very ... what? ... satisfying to those willing to do it.

    Excellent article on Being On A Ventilator

  • Time to start food kitchens?
    I don't know if you are watching ... but the long line of waiting people outside Coppel wound completely around the block yesterday.

    What were they waiting for? To get money sent from the U.S. I think Coppel / Aztec bank is Western Union but I don't keep track. While WU is predatory in it's fees, most of these people are un-banked and don't have efficient ways to move money.

    As they become unemployed here, relatives in the U.S. pick up some of the slack. There is a time limit to this as jobs in the U.S. will be evaporating also.

    But it will buy some time to get food kitchens in place.
  • Mechanics
    Dang!!!! This was a test case to see if I could do this.

    I can't modify the subject line. So perhaps just begin with ... name and star rating.

    It would have been such a great way to have info on all, say, mechanics ... or dentists ... in one place ... with a semi star review ... that could be quickly scanned.
  • Happy Introvert Day! January 2
    This is sooooooo me.

    Rather than explain myself to new people ... I will just refer them to this ... via the phone ... which I don't use. Really, I have to explain to people ... that won't work. I don't like the phone. It's probably in Airplane mode.

    I pace myself and can only do boring people every other day. And yes!!! Turtled to an obligatory party last week. Snuck out early.

    Love ... God the Barfly
  • Brief News and Views Jan 1, 2020
    That's one of the things I appreciate 'bout you. You are so through.

    I doubt that those who wrote the articles are clear about the distinctions themselves. And yes, we will be learning more soon. Likely thru this site!!!

    Thank you. Zoë
  • Brief News and Views Jan 1, 2020
    It is unclear whether Seguro Popular is still in effect, and if so whether membership precludes you from using the new service.

    Key is ... do you have a CURP? Tourists won't. People here who have "over-stayed" won't. Most of the permanente will. And it seems federal is removing jurisdiction from the states because of the jumbled mess it was. So likely a transition time.

    I will have my CURP card laminated and carry it with my other VIP cards.

    Yeah ... one more situation resolved. No trip to Puerto Vallarta to renew my Seguro Popular.

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoë
  • Brief News and Views Dec 14, 2019
    Regarding carbon. Much of the information circulating blames emissions ... from vehicles, planes and cows. Which is a factor but much smaller than agriculture.

    The greater impact is lack of carbon sequestering. That is, the removal of carbon from the atmosphere ... by plants ... and putting it back in the ground. Regenerative agriculture. The Monsanto effect does the opposite. Large expanses of mono croping with Round Up ready plants leads to basically dead earth that doesn't sequester much.

    Happily three states in India are now totally organic and moving towards regenerative. The entire nation is set to follow. Honestly, wow.

    Rancho Via Organica is where I began to learn about this. They practice regenerative agriculture and are an educational center. I took the tour of the milpa last year and it was an eye opener.

    A milpa is ... never plowed. It is sorta self seeding. It is anything but labor intensive. Everything grows together in the very rich soil. Corn and squash and oats and medicinal flowers and ... all mixed up naturally. They just go out and pick what they need to eat for the day.

    Probably we can't do that. Maybe we can plant a tree. Mexico is planning to plant gazillions of them.

    Oh, and there was a little heard of meeting by the powers that be ... in the U.S. ... about how farmers have hit a point where it is essential that they turn ... and quickly ... to sequestering. Survival of the farms. This will involve education from the top ... to the bottom.

    Word seems to be getting out

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoe
  • End of Life documents
    Thank you for reviewing my original comment. "Pointless because she owns no real estate and thus probate cannot be opened. If it were, the costs involved would probably be more than her few belongs are worth." To elaborate it further I may use some legal words incorrectly, but the meaning is still the same.

    The point of a will is to have property distributed legally. To do that a will must be probated. To open probate in Mexico the person with the will to be probated must have owned real estate. No real estate, no probate, no legal distribution of property. So a will in this case is a nice (expensive) piece of paper that won't make it into probate court.

    I know of one situation where person A is leaving person B all their furniture. There is little else. But if probate were allowed to be opened, which it won't be, then the legal costs of probate could easily run more than the furniture is worth or could be sold for.

    By not allowing probate in cases like these, the government is protecting the little people. That has to do with you said ... I don't see what the difference is. The difference is the amount of money involved.

    There are other ways to distribute your worldly goods. I am actually looking into it and will post what I learn here.

    Do the lawyers tell you this? Not usually. For if they did, would you pay them to draw up a will for you? Most people just ask for a will. They don't ask ... can this will be probated. I am thinking, Maxine, that you want this verified. Why not call your/a lawyer and ask him?

    That is why we are having this discussion. To help educate each other.

    Ciao 4 niao ... Zoe
  • End of Life documents
    My question still stands.

    The University release form requests ... The name of your closest relatives (for example, your wife/husband, son or daughter who also agree with your decision), mention if they are alive or death and their address in case they also are alive.

    The 24 hour association states on it's website ... (The 24 Hour Assn. is the ONLY entity which can register the death and supply the Mexican death certificate WITHOUT the involvement of the deceased’s family. No funeral home can do this.)

    I was just told an elderly woman with no known relatives just "signed the form" and thus doesn't need the 24 hour Association!

    Is there anyone who can provide a definitive answer? Ahhhh I will email Dr. Chavez and when I learn I will let you know. Thank you Bev for the email address.
  • Brief News and Views Oct 21, 2019
    Re the slimy blob. The mind ... and the brain ... though often referred to interchangeably ... are two different things. The brain is a complex hunk of meat. What the mind is ... is much debated.
  • The Game Changers
    At Denver's Los Olivos our take away salad is called ... Born to Run.

    Of course, we were teased ... This salad gives you the what?????

    The thing is, it was designed after a salad preferred by Scott Jurek. Who wrote a book called Eat and Run. It is about his racing encounter with the Tarahumara Indians. Scott Jurek is a living legend. Named one of the greatest runners of all time, he has claimed victories in nearly all of ultrarunning's elite trail and road events.

    I don't know if the documentary features him ... but Scott is a vegan.
  • Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?
    OK. Admittedly I go in and out of ketosis. Ketosis did get my weight down. Painlessly. It's also true; I don't live there.

    If I want to drop some weight ... or even to get really happy and not hungry ... I will do the keto. Which, because I have been doing this for a while, is easy. Unlike traditional diets, it is painless.
    I do know that when I get into ketosis I want to stay there. I often choose to do this when traveling because it minimizes food hassles. I carry hard boiled eggs, olives, celery, coconut oil. So I'm not hungry. And I don't feel bad from eating the usual choices available.

    But then life happens.

    So I go back to my maintenance way of eating. Developed by me. Because it works for me. And makes sense to me.

    It has a good amount of fat and a lot of green veggies. Definitely no donuts. As often as I can I "mainline chlorophyll". Meaning, I have a dual auger juicer and juice just about anything green Then I add spirulina and bee pollen.

    I seriously doubt anyone has studied a diet like this. Except me!!!
  • Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?
    Real world here, It worked for me.

    About 15 years ago I began a different life style. So far I have lost about 70 pounds. It is NOT true that older people can't lose weight ... nor that you can't keep it off.

    I ate differently and walked a lot more, I went down 50 pounds … it stayed there … and then gradually drifted up about 15 pounds.

    That is when I discovered and fell in love with … high fat, low carb, intermittent fasting. With that the weight came off easily. And there is more to go.

    I love eating this way. I feel better. Losing weight is painless. Yes, you have to get used to this. You don’t just jump in and succeed. But once your body is accustomed to using fat for fuel it is easy peasy to go in and out of ketosis.

    When you are in you not only are not hungry … you are full of energy and rather happy.

    The intermittent fasting goes along with this. I do a bullet proof coffee in the morning, which for the uninitiated is coffee with butter and either coconut oil or MCT OIL. After that I keep the eating to a window … which for me is 11:00 am to about 5:00 pm.

    This allows all sorts of neat things to happen. I feel so much better than I did say 25 years ago.

    I am not normally in ketosis. But it also isn’t the SAD. It is sugar and grain free. Processed food free. Oodles of veggies and fat. I choose fruit in season, but I don’t lose weight then. And once a week you eat anything you want.

    We are going into the holiday season when it is colder. Because fruit is not in season I will probably, unlike most, lose a bit more weight.

    You can read all about this way of eating here.
  • How Not to Die Prematurely: An Animated Summary
    I didn't want to hijack Pritikin and this sounds so pious. But I will post it anyway ...

    I started with what my parents taught me:

    SAD: Eat food … mostly processed … all the time

    With growing awareness, I modified my diet.

    Me: Eat real food … mostly plants … not a lot

    Now it is mostly raw. Mostly organic. Oodles of veggies, nuts, seeds. Seasonal fruit in the morning. Besides big salads, I also juice green things.

    What I don’t eat are processed foods, grains, sugar. I actually asked the land lord to remove the stove so my huge refrigerator fits.

    After checking out out the Blue Zones and the work of Dr. Westin-Price I began making my own fermented foods (pickles) and added in bone broth. Often as a base for sweet potato soup in the evening. I choose the occasional fish. I have a free range egg, raw, most mornings.

    Cheese is my down fall. Goat seems the better choice.

    Unlike Pritikin and Horne ... I have lots of fats. Coconut oil. Walnuts. Avocado. Grass fed butter. (Though I don't know how one feeds grass to butter?)

    And I enjoy intermittent fasting. Meaning … I begin eating around 11 and stop around 5. Obviously I don’t fit in well !!! And I've lost nearly 70 pounds.

    A few months ago I began walking 30 miles a week. And I feel better now than I did 25 years ago. No medical issues. No pain. Nothing to complain about.
  • End of Life documents
    I wanted to donate my body. However, I have no relatives. And I understood that is an issue. I had to go with the 24 Hour Association as they are the only entity authorized in Mexico to deal with the body in the absence of relatives and to take advantage of that, one must have a signed agreement in advance.

    Correct me if I am wrong, please.
  • How Not to Die Prematurely: An Animated Summary
    One disciple of Pritikin was Ross Horn, a former pilot who lived in Australia. As Ross spread the word he noted that while people were healing their heart issues, a lot of them were also getting arthritis.

    What he eventually came to understand is that the Pritikin diet allowed for a range. Those that went heavily onto the grains developed bone issues. Those who tended towards the veggies didn’t.

    Ross’s book was available free on the internet … but I can’t find it today.


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