• La Comer Groceries. Delivered.
    Thank you so much, Glenn, for providing exact details as to how to do this! We are hunkered down at home to avoid infection and this will be needed at some point.
  • Coronavirus Update Mar 14, 2020
    Glenn, thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in to keep us informed about this virus! It is really helpful and definitely keeping us more informed as to the severity.
  • The coronavirus epidemic: Should we lock ourselves in our homes?
    One of the preventative points I read said to not spit on the ground. To spit into a tissue and then immediately trash it. I am in full support of this measure. No one, anywhere, should be spitting on the ground. Unhygienic and totally gross, yet I see this done all the time.
  • 22 years old student coming for internship
    My husband and I have lived here full time for five years, and visited for more than 20. The violence here is around drugs and cartels (same as Mafia) battling for control. We tell our friends,"yes, it is safe if you stay totally away from drugs, or places where drugs are being consumed and/or sold, don't walk lonely streets at night, don't wear flashy jewelry or drive flashy cars, and avoid shoes with leather soles (slippery on stones), backless ("mules" are difficult to keep on here), or flip flops (VERY problematic on stones)".