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About Born in Brooklyn NY Dec. 1965. Moved to upstate NY in summer of 1972. Parents started Joe Ruffino's Pizzeria & Restaurant in the of Downtown Oneonta. We worked that business for 45 years as well as a landlord of 25 units, a mall and nightclub. In 2017 we sold our interest and moved to San Miguel de Allende and opened PIZZAGUY. I attribute my knowledge and work ethic to my Father Joe Sr. I was blessed to been able to work by his side for decades. We lost Papa in 2016, R.I.P. Now I am blessed to work with my wife Ana by my side at PIZZAGUY on Salida de Celaya. Just celebrating 5 years in business on December. We love our new hometown!
Location 7A Salida de Celaya, Zona Centro, SMA GTO
Website www.pizzaguy.mx
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Joseph Ruffino

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