Useful Hints and Tips

  • 1. When a discussion or conversation is greyed out, it means there are no new messages since you last read it.

    2. If you haven't read a whole thread yet, San Miguel FAQ remembers which page you're on.

    3. From the homepage, you can view a list of All Discussions, Categories, Most Viewed, or, Trending by selecting the option to the left (desktop) or the top right menu (mobile).

    4. The quickest way to upload files is to drag and drop them into the message area. If you drag and drop an image, it will be inserted into your post automatically.

    5. When you add formatting to a post, you'll notice special tags being added, like [b]bold[/b]. They're pretty easy to understand, so you might prefer to type them out yourself. That way you can style a post without interrupting your flow.

    6. Don't miss our Links page; one of our most used features.