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    1. Be nice. You can disagree with others but avoid personal attacks. Be truthful and also avoid being insulting or demeaning. For more on that see: Getting Sued for Defamation in Mexico.
    2. Stay on topic. In a discussion about restaurants don't add a comment about mosquitos. Unless it is relevant. Otherwise find a relevant discussion or start a new one.
    3. No politics. The Mexican Constitution says "Foreigners may not in any way participate in the political affairs of the country." And politics north of the border is not relevant to SMA or a slippery slope to Mexican politics.
    4. Yes, you may post about your business, service, or creations but don't spam us with repeated postings every day. If you post about a business and are affiliated with that business or with a competitor make sure you disclose that.
    5. Moderators have the right to enforce these rules at their discretion. They may also move posts to a different category, delete posts, limit or ban users.

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