• Glenn Wilson
    July 11, 2019
    Travel and Leisure Announces the 2019
    • The Top 5 Cities in Mexico,
    • The Top 15 Cities in the World,
    • The Top 5 City Hotels in Mexico,
    • The Top 100 Hotels in the World,
    • The World's Best Awards 2019.

    The Top 5 Cities in Mexico
    All talk of walls aside, Mexico remains one of the most compelling destinations for American travelers. Reasons to love the nation are many on the food front alone — tacos, conchas, sotol, pulque, mole, and did we mention tacos? — but chief among the factors that draw Travel + Leisure readers on a regular basis is the diversity of experiences they find there. And nowhere is that more evident than in Mexico’s cities, which are richly varied, each offering a cultural experience you won’t find anywhere else.
    The Top 5 Cities in Mexico

    The Top 15 Cities in the World
    When it comes to urban charms, Travel + Leisure readers just can’t get enough of Mexico. San Miguel de Allende, which topped our list for the past two years, may have been unseated this time around — it now comes in second — but it still draws gushing admiration. One reader called it “a unique art community in the mountains, with a mix of rich history and amazing food.” Another fan of the city praised its architectural diversity: “Gorgeous, sumptuous modern interiors are mixed with 500-year-old façades. You never know what delights you’ll find behind one of the beautifully carved doors.”
    The Top 15 Cities in the World

    The Top 5 City Hotels in Mexico
    Last year’s blue-ribbon winner — the colonial-inspired Rosewood San Miguel de Allende — took fifth this year, but still impresses with its enormous rooms and over-the-top service. One reader was also struck by the property’s grounds, describing them as “gorgeous and filled with beautiful sculpture and art.” No. 4 Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, another San Miguel favorite, oozes old-fashioned, hacienda-style charm with its 18th-century buildings, which wrap around lushly planted inner courtyards.
    The Top 5 City Hotels in Mexico

    The Top 100 Hotels in the World
    Rounding out the list are 39 more top-notch hotels and resorts. Some are in well-traveled locations, such as the Lowell (No. 98) in New York City, Meadowood Napa Valley (No. 75) in California’s wine country, La Réserve Paris Hôtel & Spa (No. 55), and Hotel Matilda (No. 18) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Others are destinations in themselves, like New Zealand’s the Farm at Cape Kidnappers (No. 4) and No. 15 Tierra Patagonia in Chile.
    The Top 100 Hotels in the World

    The World's Best Awards 2019
    All of the Travel and Leisure Magazine's 2019 Best Awards.
    The World's Best Awards 2019

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 9, 2019
    They demand justice for Ximena's family
    Relatives and friends of Ximena , the 14-year-old teenager who died in a gunshot attack in the first minutes of Sunday, demonstrated outside the Deputy Attorney General's Office to demand justice and the cessation of attacks.

    She died in the attack, while her mother and sister were injured. The attack occurred within four blocks of the Deputy Attorney General's Office , while the girl and her family dined in a taqueria.

    They demand justice for Ximena's family

    We do not have the faculties to open inquiries: Luis Alberto Villareal
    This fact goes beyond any other event that happened in our municipality , because it is about civilians, that the only sin they committed was to be in a public space and they were victims of these criminals. — Luis Alberto Villarreal
    We do not have the faculties to open inquiries: Luis Alberto Villareal

    Xime and Elena, innocent victims of a shooting
    The dawn of this Sunday, a shoot-out in the Avenue of the Americas left like balance two people without life and three injured, hours later died one of the injured ones, one minor of only 13 years of age. The two lifeless women were in a taco business when the attack on the man was unleashed.
    Xime and Elena, innocent victims of a shooting

    Between quotation marks
    Today 8 July we mourn Xime and Elena, two victims of this violence overflowed in San Miguel de Allende. They were in the place they were not in the wrong place or time, they were making their normal life in a city where gunshots have become common, ...
    Between quotation marks

    Last goodbye to Ximena
    At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Xime's coffin arrived at the San Francisco Temple, where it was received by friends of the Secondary School and relatives, who dressed in white, with balloons and flowers in their hands. during the funeral and until its final resting place.

    Ximena was a 14-year-old teenager who was the victim on Saturday of unknown subjects who opened fire indiscriminately on Avenida de las Américas in front of a taco business.

    Last goodbye to Ximena

    Councilor asks not to share "red notes" about San Miguel de Allende
    Later on social networks the City Councilman, Humberto Campos Trujillo through his official social networks, stated that if you want San Miguel de Allende, do not share "red" notes of criminal acts, only positive notes.

    "If you want San Miguel, do not share red notes, just share positive notes , do it for a better San Miguel (we promote a beautiful image of our municipality)" said Humberto Campos Trujillo.

    Councilor asks not to share

    Translations via Google.
  • Glenn Wilson
    July 8, 2019
    We went to Nectar on Sunday and got there just before noon. The restaurant is tucked away in a beautiful courtyard garden inside a store. Hummingbirds and other birds frequently flit about and visit the many feeders. The store is Camino Silvestre and they sell the feeders, and art, books, clothes, gardening tools and other gift items. You can see more information about the store at their website.


    The menu is a delight if you avoid meat; almost everything is vegan or vegetarian. And there is enough choice to satisfy most diners, unless you are determined to eat meat.

    I ordered the Molletes (vegan). They came with refried beans, tomato and avocado and red sauce and vegan "sour cream" on the side. $100 pesos. Fantastic! I will have these again.


    Organic egg and Swiss Chard Fritatta with avocado and Irish tomato relish (vegetarian). I did not try this but understand it was great. $100 pesos.


    Fruit bowl (vegan, gluten-free). Fresh and ripe. $55 pesos.


    The Tamales (vegan) were served with black beans and tomato salsa on the side. $90 pesos.


    Cranberry and Raisin Scones (vegetarian and gluten-free). $95 pesos.


    I will definitely be back. On future visits I want to try the enchiladas $110, vegan pozole $110, and vegan "hamburger sliders" $135. I've also had the chilaquiles ($110) before and they were quite tasty.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Happy Cow | Website

    Mon - Sat 9 am - 6 pm
    Sun 10 am - 3 pm

    Mon - Sat 9 am - noon
    Sun 10 am - noon

    Mon - Sat noon - 5 pm
    Sun noon - 3 pm

    Located in Camino Silvestre Casa
    Correo # 43
    Centro, Corner of Correo and Chiquitos,
    San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 3, 2019
    Recently we went to Vía Orgánica for lunch. They have a large menu with lots of choices including a number of vegetarian dishes like vegetarian sandwich, vegetarian lasagna, vegetarian quiche, vegetarian burger, vegetarian tamales, vegetarian burritos and vegetarian omelette.

    My wife had the lamb burger (without the bun) with a side salad.


    The meat is hidden in this picture but it really is there and, according to my wife, delicious. I had the Vegetarian burger (without the cheese).


    I also had a vegetarian burrito (no cheese; with pico de gallo substituted for veggies).


    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website | Menu (pdf) | Happy Cow

    Open every day 8 am - 9 pm

    Calle Margarito Ledesma 2,
    Guadalupe, San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

    (415) 152 8042

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 1, 2019
    La Mesa Grande has a variety of breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, pizza and fresh baked breads. I just had a delicious breakfast there with coffee, orange juice, molletes and fruit. You can view their menu here, but the on line menu needs to be updated. The prices on the current menu are higher than currently shown on line. Today's prices are shown below for the items I had.


    Molletes (without cheese) $100 pesos. The toasted bread was perfect in texture and crispness to hold the refried beans and pico. The server said that there are no animal products in the bread or beans. So, vegan, I think.


    Fruit plate $80 pesos. A big, fresh bowl of fruit!

    You can sit at "The Big Table" ("La Mesa Grande") and maybe meet someone new or at one of the smaller tables. Either way it is a nice, fun atmosphere. On our first visit to La Mesa Grande we met a lovely couple, both from Toronto, that met in San Miguel de Allende!

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website

    Mon - Wed 8 am - 5 pm
    Thur 8 am - 10 pm // Pizza Night //
    Fri 8 am - 5 pm
    Sat 9 am - 5 pm
    Sun 9 am - 2 pm

    Zacateros #49, Centro
    37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto

    (415) 688 2292

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 1, 2019

    "That’s impossible! BBC News - Mexico hail: Ice 1.5m thick carpets Mexico's Guadalajara"

    A freak hail storm has struck Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s most populous cities, burying vehicles in a deluge of ice pellets up to two metres deep.

    “I’ve never seen such scenes in Guadalajara,” said the state governor, Enrique Alfaro.

    Guadalajara, located north of Mexico City and with a population of around five million, has been experiencing summer temperature of around 31C (88F) in recent days.

    The Guardian Freak summer hailstorm buries cars in Mexico's Guadalajara

    Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, the governor of Jalisco, which Guadalajara is the capital of, said he'd never witnessed scenes like those he saw Sunday morning.

    "Hail more than a meter high, and then we wondered if climate change exists," he said on Twitter.

    The government of Jalisco has been working with the Mexican Army and Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque authorities to clean and remove hail from all public roads, the governor said, as well as support citizens whose homes were affected.

    CNN In pictures: Mexican city struck by rare massive hail storm

    BNO News Freak hailstorm hits Mexican city of Guadalajara

    The Mazatlan Post Video: After intense hail, Guadalajara wakes up to blocks of ice

    BBC Mexico hail: Ice 1.5m thick carpets Mexico's Guadalajara

    Overnight, here in San Miguel de Allende, around midnight we had a much smaller version of a summer hailstorm. I thought it was bad until I caught up on the news about Guadalajara.



    But, worse in some parts of town: At midnight he rose in #SanMigueldeAllende a severe thunderstorm accompanied by hail that left severe shocks, in some areas reached half a meter of ice (Twitter translation.)

    Thus was swept away by the rain exhibition "Faces of our People" the facts in canal of Canal at the height of the bridge. Atypical image of our city. (Twitter translation.)

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 26, 2019
    Corazón Santos is a sweet pub & café with five tables and seating for six at the bar. Most of the tables were busy and I was by myself so I sat at the bar for some coffee and breakfast. I had the Fruit & Yogurt plate without the Yogurt.


    The fruit was fresh and perfectly ripe. I also had the chilaquiles verde without the cheese. The chips were crispy and the verde salsa was just right.


    They've been open less than two weeks but everything ran smooth. The place was clean, service was great and the food and coffee was excellent. The other diners all seemed happy. I'll be back again for breakfast and I want to try the lunch and dinner menu, too.


    Don Day says "If I have to choose a favorite michelada in town, it’s at Bonds 007." If you like the micheladas at Bonds you might like them at Corazón Santos just as much. That's because the proprietor of both places is Kenny Peters. Kenny says they use the same michelada recipe at both places.


    They are located on the corner between Via Organica and Gils Fruteria in Colonia Guadalupe on Julián Carrillo. Walking there from Colonia San Rafael I had the pleasure of passing by this cat on Calzada de la Luz.


    It's great living in San Miguel de Allende!

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Facebook

    Wed 9 am - 4 pm
    Thur - Sun 9 am - 11 pm
    Mon 9 am - 4 pm
    Tues closed for paint & sip class

    Julián Carrillo 7, Guadalupe,
    37710 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

    (415) 154 4448

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 26, 2019
    "When I first stepped foot on Mexican soil, I spoke relatively good Spanish. I was by no means fluent, but I could hold a conversation. So when I asked a local ice-cream seller in downtown Guadalajara when he expected a new delivery of chocolate ice cream, and he said ‘ahorita’, which directly translates to ‘right now’, I took him at his word, believing that its arrival was imminent.

    I sat near his shop and waited, my Englishness making me feel it would be rude to leave. Half an hour passed and still no ice cream arrived, so I timidly wandered back to the shop and asked again about the chocolate ice cream. “Ahorita,” he told me again, dragging out the ‘i’ ‒ “Ahoriiiiita”. His face was a mix of confusion and maybe even embarrassment."

    The confusing way Mexicans tell time

    Right now, later, never, who knows.

    Ahorita llego, which directly translates to ‘I am arriving right now’, in fact means ‘I will be there in an indeterminate amount of time’, while ahorita regreso (‘I will be right back’) means ‘I will be back at some point but who knows exactly when’. (From article above.)

    What does "Ahorita" mean?

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 25, 2019
    "The ASME award was presented to the Caminos Team by Jean-Louis Racine, the head of the Climate Technology Program at the World Bank and is accompanied by a USD $10,000 cash prize. In addition, Caminos de Agua will have access to free consulting services with Catapult Design – a design firm that works with socially-driven organizations to build accessible, market-based products and services that give low income and underserved people reliable tools to improve their quality of life.

    The ASME award also comes with an invitation to additional events to be held in New York City in October. There, Caminos will have a chance to compete for more funding and the opportunity to present Aguadapt to industry water experts who can help take production to scale."

    Read more at Caminos de Agua Wins Innovation Award for Aguadapt.
  • Glenn Wilson
    June 24, 2019
    Parque Juárez. Walking paths.


    Trees and nature. Shade and benches.


    Tranquil. Beautiful.


    A pollinators garden.


    Monarch butterfly way station.


    A popular spot. You never know who you might run into.


    Free admission. Basketball court and a kids playground. Artists selling their work on the weekend. Dogs walking their people. Beverage and other vendors. Restrooms.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor

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