• Glenn Wilson
    May 13, 2019
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  • Glenn Wilson
    May 13, 2019
    Recovering our public spaces, dignifying them and bringing art and culture to our colonies is how #TodosJuntos we build the #SanMiguelDeLaGente one our children deserve. Visit our renovated "Plaza de los Insurgentes" #ViveLoMejor
    (Twitter translation)

    Google maps shows this as "Plaza Canadá" but here is the location of Plaza de los Insurgentes, bounded by Los Órganos, Avenida Guadalupe, Calzada de la Luz, and San Antonio Abad.
  • Glenn Wilson
    May 13, 2019
    The air has been smelling smokey lately, especially in the mornings.
    Weather Bug Air Quality

    Are these the reason?
    The forest fire in the municipality #SanFelipe has been completely extinguished. I thank the citizens and corporations who intervened: municipal, state and federal authorities, @SEDENAmx@SEDEMAR_mx, @PC_GTO @SeguridadGto and @CONAFOR. Thank you for your work!
    (Translation by twitter)
    Por aire y tierra combaten incendio en San Felipe

    Since yesterday, elements of various corporations perform control, combat and extinction of a forest fire recorded in the Sierra Morena, at the height of Rancho El Milagro in Dolores Hidalgo
    (Translation by twitter)
    Combaten incendio en Sierra Morena, se han consumido 300 hectáreas

    In the last months we have watched the increasing number of forest fires in our city. A considerable number of hectares have been consumed by the fires, creating great ecological damage and affecting both flora and fauna. The fires also create considerable air pollution.
    Large Fires in Our City - Firefighters Ask For Citizens' Help
  • Glenn Wilson
    May 12, 2019
    Digging into the Prehispanic History of Mexico.

    Albert Coffee Tours
  • Glenn Wilson
    May 11, 2019
    Today I finally found the holy grail of coffee in San Miguel de Allende. As someone who has made backroom deals with coffee farmers in Indonesia to buy green luwak coffee beans, so I could take them home and roast them properly, you need to know that I know my coffee. In San Miguel, I have found none that really impressed me….until today.

    El Cafe de la Mancha is owned by Paloma and Christian, and they are serious about coffee (well, serious in a fun way.) They both went to coffee school in Mexico City and, get this, they actually studied coffee.

    It is the only place in San Miguel de Allende that I know of where you have the choice to have your coffee made with a siphon, which to me is the only way to have your coffee made. If that doesn’t suit you, though, you can also have it made with a Chemex, in the Melitta pour-over, with a French press, or even in a Turkish ibrik. Now, that’s impressive!
    The Best Cup Of Coffee In San Miguel de Allende

    I'm convinced. Oh wait, the author of the above has an update:

    It looks like my old favorite for the best cup of coffee in San Miguel de Allende, El Cafe de la Mancha, now has competition. I discovered Cafe Oso Azul the other morning, and I was impressed. One of the partners owns an organic coffee plantation in Veracruz, and Cafe Oso Azul roasts its own beans every few days, and you can absolutely tell the difference in their coffee.Cafe Oso Azul-Awesome Coffee And Breakfast In San Miguel de Allende

    Sometimes, I like a little chess with my coffee (Cafe Arab'ella).

    Which is your favorite coffee spot in San Miguel de Allende?
  • Glenn Wilson
    May 6, 2019

    WHEN OCTAVIO ABURTO FIRST DIVED into the sea surrounding the prison, he saw a nearly pristine underwater jungle. Pink and purple sea fans as large as a person sprouted out of coral-crusted boulders. A shimmering meadow of garden eels poked out of the seafloor. Huge schools of snappers, jacks, and reef fish swooped in and out of the reef. It was one of the most untouched reefs that Aburto has seen in his 20 years as a marine biologist working in the Gulf of California, and he would do anything he could to keep it that way.

    For the past nine years, Aburto and his colleagues have been pushing for the Mexican government to protect the entire island archipelago that encompasses Isla María Madre before the region falls into environmental degradation from overfishing and wildlife tracking.
    Sabrina Imbler
  • Sandy Furrh
    May 2, 2019
    LARF, https://latinamericanrelieffund.org/ was founded to support the ABBA shelter in Celaya, which houses migrants escaping violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. ABBA was founded in 2016 by Pastor Ignacio Ramírez and is one of 24 shelters in Mexico recognized by the Red Cross and the United Nations.

    Many of us have seen these migrants begging on our streets. Among them was a Guatemalan woman found after an accident and taken to a hospital with multiple injuries. To avoid being sent back to Guatemala before she recovered, where she faced an imminent death threat. ABBA accepted her and paid for her mother to come by bus to assist in her care during 3 months of recovery.

    ABBA receives 1000 or more men, women and children per month. Most residents stay 3 days, but may remain longer if they apply for asylum or need further medical care, often resulting from falls from trains and other accidents or abuses at the hands of smugglers or corrupt authorities. ABBA also spearheads efforts to feed and house the large caravans coming through this area.

    LARF provides ABBA with rent and other support through fundraising events and individual donations. However, ABBA is faced with many more needs as migrant numbers increase.

    LARF would use these funds in 3 areas. ABBA’s food budget and utility bills have gone up considerably, as have needs for shoes, clothing, backpacks, and personal hygiene products. An emergency reserve fund is needed to help buy these items as needed.

    ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico providing prostheses and therapy to migrants who have lost limbs, in collaboration with the International Red Cross. Money is needed to fund rehabilitation equipment to assist with training recent amputees to function with their new prostheses, including wheelchairs.

    Due to tougher US asylum policy, ABBA helps migrants apply for Mexican asylum by providing transport to the closest Office of Inmigración, located in San Miguel. The applicant must report every 2 weeks to the office here to ensure his or her continued stay in Mexico, so a transportation fund is needed for this purpose.

    If LARF is granted this gift, ABBA will be better able to respond to the ongoing migrant crisis and continue its mission of offering loving support to our brothers and sisters to help restore the dignity of these desperate yet worthy people.
  • ReAnn Scott
    May 1, 2019
    Join us at Cafe Arab'ella, (Vicente Guerrero #1) every Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. for coffee/breakfast and conversation with your neighbors! Learn what's happening in 'our hood', where to source all kinds of things on this side of town and meet and make new friends!

    Several of us attended a neighborhood Safety & Security meeting yesterday. We'll share what we learned and hear what you have to say about how we can make our neighborhood safe.
  • Bob Broughton
    May 1, 2019
    There are a lot of options, but it’s hard to beat ETN. They have buses from:
    • Querétaro to Matamoros (11 hours, 1,485 pesos; Reynosa is two hours further) and Nuevo Laredo (12 hours, 1, 680 pesos)
    • San Luis Potosí to Matamoros (8 hours, 1,220 pesos; Reynosa is two hours further), Nuevo Laredo (10 hours, 1,330 pesos)

    Omnibus de Mexico has these buses:
    • San Luis Potosí to Ciudad Juarez (19 hours, 1,853 pesos)
    • San Luis Potosí to Nogales (26 hours, 1,917 pesos)

    Estrella Blanca (their buses include the brand names Elite Select and Pacifico) has this bus:
    • Querétaro to Tijuana (37 hours, 2,009 pesos)

    Note that you get a 50% discount on all these fares with an INAPAM card. Note also that Interjet has non-stop flights from León to Tijuana with one-way fares as low as 1,600 pesos.

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