• Glenn Wilson
    August 4, 2019
    This is a Mexican flanera (flan pan). It's made of aluminum; the lid fastens down with a hinged clamp. If you have one, use it. If you don't, you can use any kind of oven-proof pan that holds about two liters. It need not have a lid. That's San Pascual Baylón, the patron saint of the kitchen, in the background. He can be especially helpful at the moment you turn the chilled flan onto the serving platter.

    Start by caramelizing the sugar in a heavy pan. This is an 8" enameled cast iron omelet pan; it's been in the pantry for nearly 20 years and, for this purpose, works better than any other pan in the kitchen. Just dump the sugar into your pan over very low heat; when you see that the sugar begins to melt a bit around the edges, move the pan a little to redistribute the sugar so that it caramelizes as evenly as possible.
    Mexico Cooks! Orange Coconut Flan :: The Best Flan Ever!

    Both crème caramel (French 'caramel cream') and flan are French names, but flan has come to have different meanings in different regions.

    In Spanish-speaking countries and in The United States of America, flan refers to crème caramel. This was originally a Spanish usage, but the dish is now best known in the United States in a Latin American context. Elsewhere, including in Britain, a flan is a type of tart somewhat like a quiche.
    Wikipedia: Crème caramel.

    All Recipes: Baked Flan.

    Preheat the oven to 360 degrees.
    In a pan, heat the cup of sugar over low heat until it achieves the consistency of caramel. It takes a while, but don’t leave it unattended and move the pan as it begins to melt. Once it looks like caramel and is melted, decide how dark and strong you want the caramel to be. The lighter the color of the caramel, the lighter flavor. But be careful because if it gets too dark it can taste bitter and can burn quickly. Take it off the heat and pour it into the bottom of a flan or round tube mold or into 10 individual custard cups. Do so quickly, since caramel hardens fast.
    Pati Jinch Orange and Almond Flan

    Also from Pati Jinch Coffee Flan with Tequila Whipped Cream. Leave out the coffee and tequila for a traditional flan.

    Want flan but don't want to cook?
    Flan at Tacos Don Felix.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    August 2, 2019
    The first Saturday of every month Fábrica La Aurora hosts their open house and Art Walk.

    What used to be a textile factory, today houses canvases, sculptures and artisan products of great artists who live in San Miguel.
    Fábrica La Aurora

    I chase contrast, abhor symmetry and reject perfection. The process begins with a concept – at times vague, at times distinct – and involves discovery, observation and alteration. The process ends with a visual that is visceral, intuitive and open to interpretation.
    Dana W Ball Artist
    "You need some of his art in your house."

    In 1902 this was a textile factory and some of the original industrial machinery has been left in the renovated Fábrica La Aurora, which reopened in 1990 with galleries, furniture, design stores, a bookstore, cafe, exhibition spaces, and studios for local artists.
    Travel and Leisure Fábrica La Aurora

    The largest concentration of contemporary art galleries and design studios (mainly expatriates’ work) is housed in the trendy Fábrica La Aurora, a remodeled raw-cotton factory on the north end of town.
    Lonely Planet Fábrica La Aurora

    Atención Fábrica la Aurora Summer Event

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website

    Galleries and Open Spaces
    every day from 10am to 6pm and Sundays from 10am to 5pm

    Fábrica la Aurora
    Calz. de la Aurora s/n S.M.A., Gto.
    Tel. (415) 152 13 12

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 31, 2019

    Avocado Day: Chipotle, other chains giving away free guac Wednesday despite higher cost
    While wholesale avocado prices have come down nearly $20 for a 25-pound box after an early July spike, the popular fruit still costs 80% more than this time last year, said David Magaña, vice president and senior analyst at Rabobank based in Fresno, California.

    Some restaurants have started charging more for guacamole or taking avocados off the menu. Faux guacamole recipes made from calabacitas, a small Mexican squash, have been circulating on social media.

    But despite the higher prices, National Avocado Day, held annually on July 31, hasn't been cancelled.
    Avocado Day: Chipotle, other chains giving away free guac Wednesday despite higher cost

    When it comes to eating avocados, you cannot go without mentioning guacamole. On Super Bowl Sunday, more than eight million pounds are consumed. On Cinco de Mayo, that number grows to 14 million.

    When you live in San Miguel de Allende, escaping guacamole is even more of a task. There’s hardly ever a cocktail party to which it’s not invited. Some Mexican restaurants place it on the table as a free appetizer. And everyone’s guacamole is praised as, absolutely, the very best guacamole to ever grace a table or a tongue. So I could only share Don Day’s Wife’s recipe as potentially the world’s second best which would be dangerous to my future existence. Instead, I’ll share with you the recipe of the person who, deservedly, is more famous than anyone anywhere for Mexican food, chef Rick Bayless. I will say that the most important part of Rick’s recipe is the garlic which, unfortunately, is left out of many other recipes. ...
    Don Day: Learning to love avocados.

    Rick Bayless: Simple Guacamole
    Rick Bayless: A Master Class In Guacamoles

    Alton Brown's The Guac (with cumin).

    Diana Kennedy’s muy bueno guacamole recipe: Authentic Guacamole Recipe.

    Will you celebrate the made up holiday National Avocado Day with some genuine guacamole? What's your favorite guacamole recipe?

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 30, 2019
    Three "Mexican Lasagna" recipes. Use them as is, or as inspiration for you own "Mexican Lasagna".

    Veggie Loaded Mexican Lasagna
    Pati makes a lasagna with layers of some of her favorite Mexican vegetable fillings.

    "Here's a big veggie loaded lasagna meant to be shared! It has 2 fillings of some of my favorite Mexican ingredients & a salsa roja but, no worries, I'm walking you through it ..."

    Pati Jinch Veggie Loaded Mexican Lasagna

    Roasted Veggie Avocado Lasagna

    Tastemade Roasted Veggie Avocado Lasagna (Facebook - see first comment for the written recipe)

    Meatless Vegan Mexican Taco Lasagna Recipe
    This Meatless Vegan Mexican Taco Lasagna Recipe is made with layers of seasoned veggie crumbles, vegan cheese, and avocados. Homemade Taco Lasagna uses south-of-the-border ingredients to create a festive vegetarian makeover of a traditional pasta dish. Using corn tortillas instead of lasagna noodles creates a taco lasagna casserole worth serving time and time again!

    Namely Marly Meatless Vegan Mexican Taco Lasagna Recipe

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 30, 2019
    Aug 2, 2019 update from Snopes in comments.

    Two California professors, who developed a breathtaking vision for a seesaw that connected the United States-Mexico borders to allow for children from both sides to play together, watched as their idea came to life this week.

    Back in 2009, Ronald Rael, an architect professor at University of California, Berkeley, and Virginia San Fratello, an associate professor of design at San Jose State, came up with the idea of a “Teetertotter Wall” between the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Like the name suggests, the wall would be “a literal fulcrum” between the countries to ensure that even though the people were separated, they could still find a way to interact and be together.

    Flash forward a decade later and Rael and Fratello officially watched as their plan become a reality in an event on Monday.
    California Professors Create Seesaw Across US-Mexico Border to Allow Children to Play Together

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 29, 2019
    Don Day Once a king, always a king

    ... I liked just about everyone’s version of Chicken à la King. And I desperately wanted to taste it again. ... I had to smooth-talk my personal chef into creating my long lost pleasure.

    “Honey, did you like Chicken à la King?” ...

    I brought home coral colored lilies the next day for Don Day’s Wife. Stage two in the seduction would be the emailing of a possible recipe. But which one?

    Don Day Once a king, always a king.

    Chicken a la king is made up of chicken breast cooked in a luscious cream sauce, and flavored with fresh mushrooms and bell peppers. You can serve it over rice, pasta, or crusty bread. You can also use it as a filling for homemade empanadas!

    Yummy Chicken a la King.

    This easy chicken a la king is the perfect way to use up some leftover chicken while at the same time making an incredibly good tasting dinner.

    Cooking Perfected Creamy Easy Chicken a la King.

    Chicken a la King is an old fashioned recipe popular in the 1960s made with chicken, colored bell peppers, and mushrooms in a cream sherry sauce.

    The recipe began appearing in cookbooks and magazines into the 1970s.

    This gourmet dish was served in many fine restaurants.

    Old Fashioned Recipes Chicken a la King.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 29, 2019
    30 Minute Mexican Cauliflower Rice Recipe

    Wash and remove the greens from a head of cauliflower. Cut the cauliflower into medium sized pieces and place it in a food processor. Pulse the food processor several times until the cauliflower looks like “rice”.

    Add in onion flakes, garlic powder, cumin, paprika, cayenne, and crushed red pepper. Pour tomato sauce over the cauliflower rice and cook. Add salt, pepper, and dried (or fresh) cilantro to taste!

    This 30-Minute Mexican Cauliflower Rice Recipe includes a green bell pepper and diced tomatoes. However, feel free to play around with adding different vegetables!

    Jar of Lemons: 30 Minute Mexican Cauliflower Rice Recipe

    Cauliflower Fried Rice 4 Ways

    The Best Cauliflower Fried Rice

    This 10-minute recipe is easy to make, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and great for the entire family.

    If you’re looking for quick, easy, everyday healthy meals for the family, look no further than cauliflower rice.

    While I typically opt for fresh over frozen in most recipes, frozen items are great for having on hand (they don’t go bad as quickly) and perfect for when you’re in a time crunch.

    Jar of Lemons: The Best Cauliflower Fried Rice

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 28, 2019
    While there are a ton of great options for healthy breakfasts, sometimes the easiest thing is to throw everything in a blender and take it with you on-the-go. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite tips, tricks, and combinations for making a fruit smoothie!
    Jar of Lemons How to make a fruit smoothie

    Smoothies are ubiquitous with our fast, modern times but even in a slow food kitchen a smoothie has an important place. Smoothies are great when it’s hot, just after gardening or exercise, and especially when you need to eat an ingredient you don’t particularly like.

    I add 1 T ground flax seeds to most all my smoothies because flax is full of vitamins and minerals. I grind it first and store it in the pantry to make sure it doesn’t affect the texture of my smoothie.

    ¼ t turmeric is also a good addition to all smoothies and helps with inflammation. Remember turmeric only activates for human use with black pepper. Add a pinch it won’t affect the flavor of a fruit filled smoothie.

    Nik of Thyme: 5 Summer Smoothie Ideas.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 27, 2019
    Yesterday we looked at how to make masa and tortillas in How to Make Masa and Tortillas at High Altitude. The other thing you can do with masa is make tamales! So, starting with your homemade, or store-bought masa, here are some different takes on making tamales.

    The pork was rubbed with mustard and spices and cooked at 275 degrees for 9 hours until it was falling off the bone. Once pulled, he tossed it in red chili sauce made with five varieties of dried red chilis with oven roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic, salt and lime juice. ...

    Once all the tamales are made, stack them in a steamer pot with water at the bottom. Steam for 1.5 hours.

    Epicurean Expats How to Make Tamales for Tamale Day

    Learn how to make tamales with this easy recipe and step-by-step tutorial! They’re easy to customize (chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian filling recipes provided), they’re made with zero lard or shortening, they’re easy to freeze, and taste as delicious as ever!

    I don’t know why I’ve been so intimidated by these little guys over the years! They are actually really simple to make at home, and next-level delicious when served fresh outta the steamer. Granted, they do take about two hours to assemble and steam. But in that amount of time, you can make literally three dozen servings (that also happen to be freezer-friendly, a meal prep dream come true), you can customize them with just about any meat or vegetarian filling and sauce that you prefer (either 100% homemade, or I have some speedy store-bought shortcuts below), you can steam them either on the stovetop or in the Instant Pot, and — in the end — you get to enjoy the most delicious homemade tamales made from scratch.

    Gimme Some Oven HOW TO MAKE TAMALES.

    Too often, tamales that you buy are almost always a solid brick of masa with just a hint of filling. Why go through the trouble to make a delicious filling if you can't see it or taste it? Imagine eating a taco with almost nothing inside. Gross. In these two tamale recipes, there is almost a 50/50 ratio of filling to masa; you're going to see and taste the delicious green and red sauces and enjoy the tender texture of the chicken and pork in every bite.

    That's not to say that we didn't show the masa some love. We started with fresh corn masa—if you can find it you should definitely try it. It's got an almost custardy texture and intense corn flavor that instant masa just can't match. ... We saved some of the red and green sauces from the filling and added them to the masa for added flavor and color. This might be a little controversial to the masa purists out there, but this is the way we do it in my family.

    Making tamales just takes a little practice, and it also helps if you can see someone making one...thus this step-by-step. Once you've spread and filled your first 5 tamales, you'll bang the rest out in no time.

    Bon Appétit How to Make Tamales With Your Entire Family
    Bon Appétit Recipe: Pork Tamales Rojos
    Bon Appétit Recipe: Chicken Tamales Verdes

    I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Dora Stone of Dora’s Table at a food conference last year. Dora’s Table is a vegan Mexican recipe blog which provides delicious, easy and accessible recipes that appeal to the heart and stomach.

    She also shares my love of a helping people to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle. So of course I jumped at the chance to try out a recipe in her new, hot off the press, cookbook: Vegan Tamales Unwrapped. ...

    Dora recommends having a bit of a tamale party to speed up the process, and make it more fun. I made these potato adobo tamales with my two-year-old while the older one was at preschool, and we had a blast.

    Whole Food Bellies Potato Adobo Vegan Tamales (including pressure cooker instructions)

    After getting the leaves she would start making the meat and the masa. My abuelita always used to make her own masa by using freshly ground nixtamal. She added pork lard to give it some extra flavor and then got to work on the delicious guajillo salsa, which I loved! She always used to assign me to “help”, but that almost always just mean that I got to lick the spoons and bowls that were left after she was done wrapping the tamales. That was definitely my favorite part!

    Depending on where you live, it may not be practical to use freshly ground corn for your tamale masa. For example, now that I am far away from Mexico, I have had to make do with ingredients that I have available. Fortunately, there are some easily accessible ingredients, like masa flour that is specifically made for tamales, that you can use and prepare to get those same delicious flavors that I remember from my youth.

    Once you have made the filling and the have the masa ready, the process for making tamales is pretty straightforward. You will want to take two corn husks or banana leaves, and place them one on top of the other, overlapping slightly. Next, you will add the masa and flatten it out slightly. Next, you will add the filling and wrap the tamale up like a present.

    My Latina Table How To Make Authentic Mexican Tamales

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  • Glenn Wilson
    July 26, 2019

    Have you ever wondered about how to make tortillas or tamales from scratch? It is a lot more work than using prepared Maseca. It’s an artform and it takes time. A lot of time. Our friends at Cal y Maiz specialize in heirloom corn, and showed us how to make masa at high altitude.

    The heirloom corn varieties Cal y Maiz works with are grown in the small state of Tlaxcala east of Mexico City. There are a variety of colors; white, yellow, pink, blue, black and red.

    If making Tortillas, the masa is now ready to be pressed out and cooked on a comal. The ladies at Cal y Maiz demonstrate on the video below how to form a ball and press it on a tortilla press using a white corn-rattle pepper masa.

    For the details, see Epicurean Expats How to Make Masa at High Altitude.

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