• Glenn Wilson
    June 18, 2019
    Sabroso Taquería has marvelous black bean tacos. Very simple with black beans, corn tortillas and a few veggies with salsa. Simple but delicious. The vegetarian nopal tacos and banana tacos are also great.


    The tacos al pastor were perfectly overfilled and my wife's favorite. The micheladas are among the best I've ever had.

    You'll want to go up to the rooftop. It is nice but not spectacular. You can also order pizza from the next door / shared-space "Chicago" pizza place.

    Google Maps | Trip Advisor | Website

    Don Day: Taco ‘bout a nice new addition to the San Miguel food scene.

    Zacateros 41
    37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
    (415) 688 1392

    Sun & Mon: noon - 11 pm
    Tuesday: closed
    Wed & Thur: noon - 11 pm
    Fri & Sat: noon - 1: 00

    Update June 19, 2019: I used to refer to the black bean tacos as vegan because I though that they were. They were listed with other "Tacos Vegetarianos" on the menu. But, according to a review on Happy Cow, "They use animal fat to cook the beans." If true about the beans in the black bean tacos, then they are neither vegetarian nor vegan.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 16, 2019
    Mezcal is a Mexican term that translates loosely as hangover. La Mezcalería has mezcal. They have mezcal margaritas and mezcal shots as well as beer and wine. This review will be short because ... mezcal. But, they've got a lot more than mezcal!

    They've got things that swim (whole grilled octopus).

    They've got things that grow in the ground (vegetables grilled, baked and preserved).

    They've got meat (fillet of beef in a coffee & dry-herb crust).

    They've got sweet things (panna cotta with vanilla, fresh berries and local honey).

    And they've got more. All prepared and presented beautifully. Oh, and those mezcal margaritas? Delicious.

    Trip Advisor | Google Maps | FaceBook.

    Correo #47-A, Centro
    San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
    (415) 121 5354

    Monday - Sunday 5 pm - 11 pm

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 15, 2019
    Hank's is centrally located, has a wide ranging menu, is English friendly, provides great service and is popular with ex-pats.


    They have a great Cobb Salad and they currently have a chef's special Imperial Crab over Filet Mignon with lemon butter sauce and asparagus.

    If you don't eat meat, you can get the Veggie Pasta with or without cheese.


    A popular dessert is their Velvet Elvis.


    And, there's a lot more on their menu; take a look.

    Don Day likes their oysters “Ow I like dem erstas at Hank’s” and their fantastic Sunday brunch Could this be the best bargain brunch in San Miguel?

    Trip Advisor | Google Maps | Website | Menu

    Sundays: 10 am - 11 pm
    Monday: Noon - 11 pm
    Tuesday - Thursday: Noon - Midnight
    Friday and Saturday: Noon - 1 am

    Hidalgo 12
    San Miguel de Allende, Centro, Gto.
    (415) 152 2645

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 13, 2019
    "I don’t think I’d ever had a mango until I was in my thirties and visited my parents in Florida. Bright yellow mangos, amber rum, rosy red cranberry juice and a turquoise Hamilton Beach blender created the cocktail de jour of the senior set and it only took an evening for me to decide that getting older was getting better."


    To continue reading, including the recipe for Grammie’s Mango Salsa, visit Don Day's blog at Hey Mango. Mango Mexicano. More #DonDay.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 13, 2019
    Now: "Proposing solutions for a useful and appropriate architecture, the Live Aqua hotel in San Miguel de Allende, which recently opened in our country, was the great award winner this year."

    Last year: "... look at the Hotel Aqua and see that AGAIN it has been flooded. Last September 27th, while construction had just started to renovate an old hotel and add to it, the property flooded."

    The first quote above comes from The San Miguel Times Live Aqua San Miguel wins the Prix de Versailles award. The article also says “With plenty of space to express themselves, Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende reinvents the hotel offer of the destination providing an experience without physical limitations: its high ceilings, arcades and patios, are an evocation of the amplitude and the wind that runs free in the Mexican Bajío."

    The second is from BabsBlog "Rainy Season" in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and describes the hotel during construction, before it opened, last June. She also says "Note the water rushing over the edge of the presa. I would guesstimate it is at least thirty feet above the hotel and therefore, no amount of fill dirt is going to stop the flooding. Also note the bulldozer which is trying, in vain, to put boulders and push dirt, to stop the flooding. And, thirdly, look to the right of the bulldozer and you will see the rushing water going down the arroyo while the rest of it runs through the property........What a mess!"

    It was surprising, to me, that the hotel competed construction and opened as soon as it did. Both because of that flooding and the scale of the project. But, open it did and the reviews have been consistently fantastic! I have no idea what measures they may have taken to prevent or mitigate future flooding. Perhaps it is a true engineering marvel of flood control. I am curious to see how it fares the next time we have heavy flooding.

    Congratulations to Live Aqua and good luck!
  • Glenn Wilson
    June 11, 2019
    "By taking he sounds and sights of the natural world, animated by the world of the spirit, and reproducing them in a controlled environment with an audience, humans felt empowered. This empowerment provided the necessary confidence to assign meaning to a world that was always on the verge of chaos, danger and death. ...

    About 9 million Mexicans speak a native language in their daily lives. In fact, Mexico today, with 62 living languages, uses more languages than China..."

    -- Another Face of Mexico, Bill LeVasseur

    "There are two Mexicos, there is the one you'd see if you came to San Miguel de Allende or a larger city or one of the beach resorts, and then there's indigenous Mexico. ...

    In 2015, 25.6 million people in Mexico self-identified as being indigenous, which is 21% of the population. ...

    Every mask has a story, it has context."

    More at the photo essay: Mexico’s Indigenous Masks.

    "The Mask Museum of San Miguel de Allende - A unique glimpse into traditional culture in the heart of colonial Mexico.

    Owner/curator Bill LeVasseur has spent more than 25 years acquiring an extraordinary collection of over 500 Mexican ceremonial masks. Through his visits to often remote indigenous communities and his observation and documentation of masked dancing, he has also acquired an extensive knowledge of masks and masked dancing that he is eager to share.

    In 2006, Bill and his wife Heidi, opened Another Face of Mexico mask museum to the public. Accompanying the mask collection are texts, photos, and videos showing more than 40 different dance ceremonies. All masks in the museum have been danced in indigenous performances and therefore are considered by collectors to be authentic."

    Another Face of Mexico: The Mask Museum of San Miguel de Allende official site.

    Admission: Adults - 100 Pesos. Children, students, school groups - Free.
    All museum proceeds are donated to the Casa de los Angeles Day Care Center in San Miguel de Allende.

    Cuesta de San Jose #32, Colonia Azteca.
    Visits are by appointment only. Must call ahead.
    It is a short, uphill, walk from Centro.
    Tel: 415-154-4324
    Cell: 044-415-149-1563

    Google Maps


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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 10, 2019

    Cafe Arab'ella is a great spot for a light bite before the theater or breakfast or brunch anytime. Or, just a nice cup of coffee. They are located across from the Shelter Theater. The menu features coffee, all day breakfast and light bites.


    I've had the coffee, bagel, hummus and veggie burger, but not all at the same time. Everything was great. My wife likes the Mezze plate.


    The breakfast bagel egg sandwiches look awesome as does the all beef cheese burger.


    The veggie bagel with avocado, hummus, tomato, lettuce and onion is delicious.


    Arabella always has chess sets and other board games available. Indoor and outdoor are seating available.


    Facebook Page
    Google Map

    Cafe Arab'ella
    Vicente Guerrero 1
    San Miguel de Allende
    044 415 197 1666

    Monday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.
    Tuesday 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
    Wednesday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.
    Thursday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm.
    Friday 8:30 am - 7:00 pm.
    Saturday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm.
    Sunday closed.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 9, 2019
    Anado : “One night I was dreaming that I was driving my taxi and I was lost. I said aloud ‘Where am I?’ and a voice answered 'You’re on Kismet Street'. The next day I looked up the definition of ‘kismet’ and learned it means fate. That is the rule of my creative process. I am open to fate and what existence has to offer.”

    Here we present observations on culture, kismet, creativity, home, and relationships that nurture & inspire us from Anado McLauchlin, an assemblage & mosaic artist, and founder & curator of the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery in the Casa de Las Ranas Compound about a half hour outside San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.
    Continue the journey at Photo Essay: Anado McLauchlin, Founder, Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery.

    Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery.
    Made by Anado.
    Google Maps.
    Requested donation 200 pesos per person.
    By appointment only. Tour lasts one hour.
    Be on time or Anado will start without you.
    If you come in a cab have it wait for you.

    "The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery and Casa de Las Ranas will be closed for maintenance from June 7 through July 5…no tour or visits are possible"

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  • Glenn Wilson
    June 8, 2019

    University students from Mexico and the United States, grouped in the civil association Caminos de Agua, created a low-cost, high-efficiency water filter, which they called Aguadapt, and which is able to eliminate bacteria, fluoride and arsenic from water extracted from nearby wells to mines.

    The young people, who live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, were recognized in 2018 for their innovation, by the British James Dyson Foundation and this year seek advice and funding from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, explained to Crónica one of the four innovators , Aaron Krupp.
    Their desire to grow and be able to manufacture a greater number of filters came from the experience that in 2017, after the earthquake in Mexico City, the NGO Oxfam asked for 5 thousand filters and only had a few hundred. So now they want to grow and presented the project to the James Dyson Foundation and look for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

    More at: They create economical water filter that cleans bacteria and arsenic
    (Google translation).

    For more information about Caminos de Agua, visit www.caminosdeagua.org.
  • Glenn Wilson
    June 8, 2019
    Felix started with a taco cart about 13 years ago. Then, one cold and rainy day he and Gloria moved the furniture around in their living room and invited customers inside their home. Today, Tacos Don Felix serves up fantastic and authentic Mexican food in a beautiful restaurant that seats about sixty.

    This ain't no taco stand! They converted the garage into a kitchen; what was the kitchen is now the bar; the back area of the dining room used to be the backyard but it all comes together seamlessly. They recently added a separate bar on the third floor and the second floor is residential.


    Dining at TDF (Tacos Don Felix) is a delight for your eyes and your taste buds. And, when you enter their home, they treat you like family.

    We live about a 30 second leisurely walk away from TDF and are neighbors and friends with the whole Don Felix family. They are only open on weekends. Before we lived full time in San Miguel de Allende we would make sure to include some weekend in trips here so we could dine at TDF.

    I have eaten food at or from TDF over a hundred times in the almost two years we have lived here and I have dined there dozens of times with friends. Based on my experience and the feedback from others I'm going to share my insider tips and what you should order if you don't already have a favorite.

    Short version: the enchiladas are magic.

    First, they will bring you a complementary appetizer of pork or chicken (it varies) on a tostado. If you prefer a meatless appetizer tell them when they seat you and they will instead bring you a tostado with huitlacoche (a Mexican corn fungus delicacy; somewhat mushroom like).

    Their speciality drink is a margarita. It is $100 pesos and is as big as your head. They also have a selection of beers and wine and mixed drinks.

    Order some guacamole. It is as good as any I've ever had.

    If you prefer no-meat and no-cheese, I recommend Enchiladas Glenn (<- that's me). It's not on the menu. It is the cheese enchiladas, without the cheese, and stuffed with beans instead. It is served with rice, and topped with fried potatoes and carrots. These are my favorite enchiladas ever. If you prefer a salad, try the house salad which includes nuts, avocados, dried fruit and is a full meal. It's a great salad. Another way to go is to just order some tortillas and a plate of rice, beans and guacamole. If you eat cheese get the cheese enchiladas ("enchiladas del portal" on the menu). Update June 21, 2019: I just checked with TDF and these enchiladas are cooked on a grill that is also used for meat products.

    For meat eaters, order the Enchiladas Gloria. This is Gloria's signature dish. Who's Gloria? Gloria is Mrs. Don Felix and she runs the kitchen. Enchiladas Gloria are 2 chicken and 2 pork enchiladas with red sauce and green sauce. People rave about them.

    The enchiladas are mildly spicy and you can add more heat and flavor with the salsas on the table.

    If you can not tolerate any picante, you could get the grilled chicken. It comes with a side salad and "Mexican" baked potato (not a russet potato). If you prefer vegetables, or rice, or beans instead of the side salad or the baked potato, they will gladly substitute. Instead of the grilled chicken, you could get the Caesar Salad. Or, you can get the Caesar Salad with the grilled chicken on top (not on the menu). It's a classic combo and one of my wife's favorite dishes.

    The entrees above are all about $130 pesos; except the Caesar salad plus grilled chicken is $180. They have lots more on the menu and usually have specials with rib eye, salmon, and shrimp ... but, for the real magic, try the enchiladas!

    Did you leave room for dessert?

    Friday 5pm - 10pm.
    Saturday 2pm - 10pm.
    Sunday 1pm - 9:30pm.
    Closed Monday - Thursday.

    The restrooms are clean and modern. Most of the servers speak great English. Cash only, no credit cards.

    Google Maps
    Trip Advisor
    Website / Menu

    Fray Juan de San Miguel 15, San Rafael, 37896 San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
    415 152 5719

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