• Glenn Wilson
    We just received our first La Comer grocery delivery from an on-line order. Everything went smoothly. And, there was no delivery charge for the first order. You can also create an order that you want to pickup in the store but I have not tried that option.

    Here is a rough narrative of what I did in case it is helpful. I used Chrome and translated the pages.

    To get started, I went to the La Comer website: https://www.lacomer.com.mx/

    Clicked on Enter near the top-right.

    Then clicked the Sign Up button to register.

    Provided the required information.

    I have the La Comer Monedero Naranja card and I entered that optional card number which may have saved me a step or two later.

    Once registered, I was able to start shopping. Search for items,

    enter a quantity,

    and add to cart. Repeat. You can also browse by department. For some items, such as Fruits and Vegetables you can specify number of items or weight and add a note like "Para hoy" for your avocados.

    Search seems to work on brand names and product type (in Spanish, even if you are translating the results to English). So, Quaker finds various Quaker brand products. Oatmeal found three "Irish Oatmeal" items and Avena found lots of oatmeal products. Quaker Oatmeal found nothing and Quaker avena found only Quaker Oatmeal products.

    If you are wondering, I was able to buy beer and wine.

    When you checkout you specify Home Delivery or Store Pickup. To check out for delivery I had to supply my address. They use a google address verification which worked well. I also entered as additional information the streets our casa is between. I think that is all saved for next time.

    I wanted to keep it simple and ordered no produce; only packaged goods. Somewhere, in the check-out process I selected Do Not Call and Do not replace if an item is unavailable.

    I picked a delivery time window. Each delivery time window has an associated cost. For this first delivery they were all free. (In a subsequent test, i saw ranges of $36 pesos to $72 pesos; if I bought "enough" it was free.). I was checking out at about 1:15 pm. The first available delivery window was from 3 pm - 4 pm so I picked that. Other options were credit/debit card and cash. I picked the on-line card option then I used PayPal to pay.

    The groceries were delivered by a young man in a personal auto at about 2:45. They also have an app which I have since downloaded but not used yet.

    If you give it a try let us know how it goes.

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  • Ron Lenox
    Very helpful! Thank you for taking time to walk us through the process. I will give it a try.
  • Glenn Wilson
    I don't know if the prices charged are the same as if you are doing the shopping in the store. It would be useful if someone could make that comparison.
  • Tina
    I just used them today. Accurate delivery, on time, exactly what I expected. Thanks...
  • Glenn Wilson
    Thanks for letting us know.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Today we made our second order online. This time, when I went to pay I tried a different PayPal account. It would not go through on the La Comer side. This was a US based PayPal account, so, I thought I'd try the one I used before which is Mexico based.

    But the website had hung. So I closed that tab, then came back in and went to my cart. The items were all still there and I tried checking out again with the Mexico PayPal. That also did not work and the site hung again. I closed the tab and then came back in and tried checking out again. This time I tried a (US) credit card online. That did not work.

    I closed the tab and tried again and this time said I would pay upon delivery. That worked. I guess their online payment system was out of order.

    Anyway, the groceries showed up in the specified time window and I was able to use the (US) credit card to pay the driver. Success! I did give him a cash tip.

    Update Jan 27, 2020: They have started charging a delivery fee lately for our orders ranging from about 60 - 90 pesos. Paying via a US Paypal account has been working great.
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