• Glenn Wilson
    Update: ComiDomi food delivery shuts down.

    I ordered two Veggie Burritos (no cheese) with guacamole from Taco Lab via ComiDomi. Each one arrived packed in a box with limes and some pickled vegetables.


    Separately, there were three small containers of salsa: green, yellow and red. I thought: Go, Caution and Stop.


    Actually, none of the salsas were real hot. The green salsa was fairly mild and creamy and reminds me of this Green salsa guacamole style WITHOUT avocado, taqueria trick!

    The yellow salsa was creamy and sweet and medium hot. From tasting and googling I think it is based on tamarind and habanero chili peppers.

    The red salsa was medium hot and tomato and roasted pepper based (I think).

    All three were excellent. What I did not use with the burritos I saved for later.

    The burritos were still quite warm. They were large and well constructed. The wheat tortilla was soft and flexible but strong. I was able to unroll a bit, add some salsa, re-roll and eat them and they stayed intact. The filling of rice, beans, pico de gallo, veggies and guacamole was delicious. One is a meal. I was not able to finish them both in one sitting.

    The pickled veggies were a nice accompaniment.

    I would definitely get the Veggie Burrito again via ComiDomi or at Taco Lab.

    I previously recounted using ComiDomi with Birdie's Burgers. This experience was about the same for the ComiDomi part. The food took 42 minutes to arrive in upper Colonia San Rafael and was still very warm.

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    Don Day: The Restaurant’s chef to open Tacolicious Taco Lab in San Miguel de Allende.
    Don Day: The single best taco in all of San Miguel.

    Open every day 10 am - 10 pm

    Relox 18, Centro. San Miguel de Allende, Gto. MX
    Inside Doce 18 Concept House

    (415) 154 8317

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  • Glenn Wilson
    We tried Taco Lab and ComiDomi for the second time last night. Here is a brief update.

    The Good: The Al Pastor Salad with guajillo braised beef brisket was good, even without the dressing. A little too spicy for my wife's taste, but, good. Perhaps the dressing would have cooled it down a bit?

    The Bad: We ordered one Taco because my wife wanted to try The single best taco in all of San Miguel. It was not included in the delivered order. The taco sides were there, but no taco. Maybe next time? The bags were stapled shut so the taco did not fall out of the bags on the way to our casa.

    The Ugly: The dressing was in a little container like the salsas and managed to open and spill on the way to our casa. It infiltrated the guacamole and, in general, made a mess.

    At the moment, we will assume these are unusual issues for them and it will not deter us from trying Taco Lab and ComiDomi again because the food and convenience are otherwise worth it.
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