• Glenn Wilson

    Alfredo Lanier wrote: Between the pandemic lockdown and remodeling of our kitchen and terrace, we hadn’t done any entertaining for more than two years, not that we were ever a couple of gay Martha Stewarts who would whip up a Beef Bourguignon, set out the fancy china and tableware and invite a mob of friends at a moment’s notice.

    Au contraire. Stew is a good but methodical and somewhat insecure cook. His self-confidence rises and falls depending on the success of his last concoction. If it was good, he’ll dust off his cookbooks and perhaps try some new dish. A bad meal, though, can send his culinary self-esteem plummeting, pfft, like that Chinese balloon that went down off the coast of South Carolina.

    Careful preparation is key and I play the role of a entry-level assistant, doing what I’m told, cleaning up and avoiding sticking the spoon in the broth unless Stew asks for my opinion. No sense rattling the nerves of an already nervous cook. ...

    Continue at Rancho Santa Clara: Tamales: The agony and the ecstasy. More #RanchoSantaClara.

    SMAFAQ carries many of Al's posts, but not all of them. The Rancho Santa Clara blog moved recently. If you used to subscribe to it (and even if you didn't), you may want to subscribe to the new Rancho Santa Clara blog while you are there to make sure that you don't miss any.

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  • Jay
    I do enjoy your stories. We have met before at Ron and Fred’s. Just another face in the crowd.
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