• Glenn Wilson
    1. What's you favorite "every day" restaurant?

    2. Your favorite place for a special meal?

    3. What's your favorite new Restaurant? (Maybe just new to you).

    Mine are 1. TDF (Tacos Don Felix), 2. Moxi Restaurant, 3. TURK Mediterranean Street Food.

    Click the links for maps and reviews.

    Unfortunately, my favorite "every day" restaurant is not open every day. :-)
  • Ira Goldman
    My "go to" place when I'm in Centro is Pegaso, In the small block between San Francisco and Correo
    it's a great place especially for lunch. Salads, sandwiches, the best gazpacho I've ever had as well as entrees and desserts. Service is always great, there's a roof top terrace open after 1pm and the food is always fresh.
    A new place if you have that hankering for home is Big John's Munch Box on Refugio and San Juan in
    San Antonio. Burgers, hot dogs, fries are available everyday. It's a new place so John is developing some daily specials. Right now there's delicious pulled pork on Tuesdays. Open from 12-8 Mon-Friday
    and 12-4 on Saturday.
  • Korah Morez
    Favorite "every day" restaurant: Lavanda Cafe

    Favorite place for a special meal: Unica

    Favorite new Restaurant: Ocre Terraza
  • sonia levante
    Los Milagros.. es increible la comida. a buen precio y siempre esta con buen ambiente..
  • elisa borrego
    Favorite everyday restaurant: La Frontera on Stirling Dickenson for lunch.

    Favorite place for breakfast (pastry and cappuccino): Buon Forno on Stirling Dickenson.

    Favorite new place for a special breakfast: Sacristia on the corner of Canal & Zacateros. They have a beautiful courtyard with a fountain. My favorite dish is the eggs cooked in a pesto sauce served in a bowl.
  • Jonathan Brown
    This is a hard set of choices - we keep a spreadsheet which now has 92 options (including a bunch of places that have closed over the last several years) but here would be my choices -
    Favorite every day place - either Pegaso or Victoria(on the Ancha - great Pozole)
    Special Meal - Casa Blanca - the small plates are wonderful and the tastes are subtle or Andrea - which has some unique Italian dishes
    New restaurant - Casa Blanca or Atrio - which has some really venturesome dishes - the Oriental Tacos are really good.
  • Bev Brinson
    Favorite every day place: Hecho en Mexico or La Parada - depending upon visitor's preference/mood

    Special meal - Zumo (which is moving to Quebrada shortly)

    New restaurant - Casa Nostra on Terraplen
  • Maxine Arnold
    Depending on which side of town I'm on, I go to either Juan's Cafe Etc on Relox or to Don Lupe Grill on Salilda a Celaya. Both have excellent food without exhorbitant prices. With special guests in town, I will take them to Hecho en Mexico for a lovely experience and great food.
  • Darlene Morrow
    We love La Frontera in Plaza Pueblito off of Stirling Dickson for everyday food. Mon-Sat they have a different special - Monday Meatloaf, Tuesday is Country Fried Chicken with white gravy, Wednesday is Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon or Salmon - comes with a Caesar Salad and a dessert cookie, Thursday is Chili Enchiladas but ask about the Chili Hot Dog or the special salad, Friday is fish tacos and Saturday is Ribs or BBQ Chicken or half and half. Closed on Sundays. Got to say that besides all that they have a drowned burrito that is fabulous as is the taco salad. Burgers are good and nice fries. Noren is very accommodating so ask for substitutions or changes. Maybe there is something left over from the previous day’s special.

    For breakfast we love Oso Azul on Zacateros. Great omelettes and all breakfast food. For 30 pesos more you can choose a fruit plate or juice. It’s 105 pesos for this special with a tortilla española. GREAT service. And that is one of the more expensive breakfasts. El Pegaso is supposed to have the best Eggs Benedict and Eggs Pegado are very nice. Staff is professional.

    For something special we go to Hank’s on Hidalgo. Pricey but good. Service is wonderful and so is the food. The Cobb Salad is a favourite of mine and the steaks are great. Seafood chowder is heavenly, hamburgers are really good. Sunday’s there is an a la carte brunch. Comes with a mimosa, beignets, corn muffins and a fruit plate. Good idea to make reservations as it’s always busy. There is also an insanely popular 2 for 1 cocktails from 5-8. Loud and fun in the bar.
  • CListen
    For the best Pambazos in town go here. Great food great friendly service.

    Antojitos Mexicanos El Jardin
    1o. de Mayo 52, Ignacio Ramirez, 37748 San Miguel
  • Patrice Wynne
    Thanks so much for this idea and these lists of places. It would be most useful if folks would also list the street that the restaurants are located on. Gracias!
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