• Glenn Wilson
    Interacting and practicing with other people may be the best way to learn Spanish but online lessons, practice and tools can be a big help.

    I have attended Level One of the Warren Hardy School and learned mucho. His website includes a number of free videos and searching for Warren Hardy Spanish on YouTube turns up others. Also for sale on his website is the WebTutor, an online version of his classes.

    StudySpanish has lessons for learning Spanish that have been very helpful for me. I have only used their free level but they do have paid levels with additional features and material.

    Duolingo and TinyCards are free web and mobile apps that I have used extensively. Duolingo has structured lessons. TinyCards drills you on vocabulary and lets you make up your own flash cards decks to study or use pre-built ones including ones that mesh well with the Duolingo lessons. I started Duolingo when I was still living in the states and still use TinyCards most days to drill on vocabulary.

    News in Slow Spanish is what it sounds like: News. In Spanish. S.l.o.w.l.y with vocabulary help along the way. A paid service but the free access level is helpful. Make sure you pick the Spanish (Latino) version for Mexico.

    Q-Roo Paul’s Spanish for Beginners is a great resource of free video lessons and works well with the Warren Hardy lessons and approach.

    There are many other online resource but these are ones that I have used and liked. How about you? What online resources have you found helpful?
  • Billy
    A good list! I've learnt a lot from looking at StudySpanish in the past. Here are some of my own to add, including online learning, interactive exercises, and dictionaries:

    A great website for reading, writing, listening exercises is this: www.ver-taal.com . We used to use it in Spanish class at university.

    An interesting site with some good Spanish language and general culture articles: www.thoughtco.com/spanish-4133085

    Another good site with lots of language information and courses: www.pollylingu.al/es/en

    A good site with loads of Spanish exercises: www.aprenderespanol.org

    And finally my favourite dictionaries are www.wordreference.com (which is especially good for verb conjugation) and www.spanishdict.com (which is especially good as an app, at least on Android).
  • Cecilia Almes
    I feel compelled to add a shout out to Warren Hardy and his school. As a retired adult educator, I have to say I'm totally impressed with his method/approach and with the quality of his staff. Plus the atmosphere is happy and gracious. After only 5 sessions, I am speaking and using Spanish much more extensively than I thought possible. And it has been fun!
  • Ken Smith
    Nice resources mentioned, including a few I hadn't seen before.

    Here's a list I published a while back:
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