• Glenn Wilson
    Update in comments: How to get your certificate if you do not have a CURP.

    Update: You can now access your Vaccination Certificate via Whatsapp (evidently no email required).

    If you have been fully vaccinated in Mexico and have a CURP number you can now get (or try to get) an Official Vaccination Certificate. The certificate includes a QR code that others can use to validate the Certificate (the QR Code linking back to a Government site with validation of the certificate is very nice).

    If all is working well, just ..
    • 1. Go to the website: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/ .
    • 2. Enter your CURP.
    • 3. Check the 'I'm not a robot box' (and perform the required steps for that, if any).
    • 4. Click the 'Buscar' button.
    • 5. Check your email and download the form.

    If the site is working and not overwhelmed (patience, especially in the first few days is a good idea), you will be sent an email (the one you have previously registered in the system) with a link that you can use to download the form. Download it. That link expires after 90 minutes, so download it while you can. (Some have reported that it expires faster than that.)

    Two messages you may see while using the site:

    Favor de esperar unos minutos y volver a intentar (Please wait a few minutes and try again)
    If you get this wait a few minutes or more and refresh or re-enter the site and try again. (Re entering the data without refreshing or re-entering the site did not work for me.)

    Se envió un correo a la cuenta registrada en mivacuna.salud.gob.mx (An email was sent to the account registered at mivacuna.salud.gob.mx)
    It worked! Check you email for the link to download your Official Vaccination Certificate.

    There is also a link in that email you can use to report any problems with your certificate. Maybe (I don't know) you can also report that your data does not show up at all at the website at that link.

    The corrections website allows you to "Attach a copy of the proof of vaccination. Files of maximum 1M and in png, jpg or pdf format"

    You check a box to indicate the data to be corrected. The website allows you to correct multiple items:
    • Dose correction
    • Date correction
    • Missing dose
    • Batch correction
    • Vaccine correction
    • Correction of contact details

    This is the link for Data Corrections: https://cvcovid.salud.gob.mx/correccionDatos.html

    We do not have answers to many possible questions at this time, such as, what if you do not have a CURP, or, how long will it take to correct an error?

    Also see: Covid-19 SMA: COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates are ready for the general public!
    Questions? Feedback?
    Please leave a comment or email me at .

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  • Sharyn Bates
  • Josh Geller
    I got through after a few tries but it took more than 90' to receive the associated email with the link for downloading my certificate. Because of that delay I received an "expired link" message when I tried to obtain the certificate. On second attempt I got through and received the email immediately. That worked perfectly and gave me the correct vaccine certificate. So, just keep at it. Josh
    Thank you for the heads up !!!! Susan
  • Anthony
    Thanks for the info. Worked on first attempt for me this morning.
  • Glenn Wilson

    Google map.

    From a reader:
    Thank you for the referral to Daniel @ Geek.
    Within 3-4 min, he was able to pull up my Vaccine Certificate
    on his phone and send it to me.
    We walked across the street and got it printed.
    Mil Gracias to you

    Joey Merrifield: You can go to Geek and Coffee and ask for Daniel Tues Thurs Fri 10-2 PM.

    Geek and Coffee will be offering assistance with vaccine registration, certificates and corrections through September but not after that.
  • DebK
    My second dose was missing. I submitted the aclaracion form. Has anyone else done this? Curious to know if anyone has had a response yet.
  • peggy zaine
    I was able to print out the certificate the 2nd day it was available. The dates were both out by 2 days. I submitted the correction form but I haven't heard anything back yet.
  • Glenn Wilson
    You can now access your Vaccination Certificate via Whatsapp. Update: This evidently only works on a cell phone with a Mexico phone number.

    I think this fixes the problem for people that originally recorded the wrong email address. If this fixes it for you, please let us know.
    If you want to consult your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, write Hola to WhatsApp 56 1713 0557 and follow instructions.
    Secretaría de Salud Facebook
  • Glenn Wilson
    Step by step: how to download your COVID-19 vaccination certificate via WhatsApp.
    Not only may this document be necessary to travel to another country, some establishments in Mexico, such as bars and clubs, will begin to request it.
    Infobae (sp) | English.

    Update: This evidently only works on a cell phone with a Mexico phone number.
  • Sherrea Courtney
    It must be rocket science for the people who are supposed to process the vaccine certificates since I can't get a response to my email correction I made over 3 weeks ago or a response either for getting my certificate via WhatsApp. An absolutely ridiculous system. As in, when you type in Hello to the number specified for getting your certificate via WhatsApp nothing happens.
  • Glenn Wilson
    I imagine they are swamped with a massive number of corrections. Some are happening; I have seen reports of people getting corrections. Not ours though (submitted July 6).

    I also don't know if language matters. Do you need to send 'Hola' instead of 'Hello'?
  • Lena
    After trying so many times and not getting help, I only today looked again at my second vaccine comprobante. It has everything right, except the CURP number. That could explain a lot! After 30 min. of texting back and forth today, I still have no answer because, well, it's probably as confusing for the person on the other end as it is for me. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • Glenn Wilson

    "Has anyone else had this issue?" Yes. It seems to be not at all unusual.

    What have you been "trying so many times?"
    "After 30 minutes of texting back and forth today" with whom?
    Did you submit a correction and this is a dialog with them about the correction?
  • Lena
    Yes, when I downloaded your suggestion above, I got someone texting me back and forth. So I thought I was on to something. But when I was asked 5 times to enter y curp, I figured out it just might be a robot. I didn't get to talk to a real human.
  • Glenn Wilson
    There are instructions above to
    1. Get your vaccination certificate from a website,
    2. Get your vaccination certificate via Whatsapp,
    3. Submit corrections to your certificate.

    Based on 'texting me back and forth' and 'might be a robot' ... sounds like you were using Whatsapp to get your certificate.

    Did you get your certificate? Was there an error in it?

    From the link above (English translation via google):
    1- Send a message on WhatsApp with the word “Hello” to the number 56-1713-0557 . In response, the chatbot will respond automatically, notifying you that you will receive notifications about your vaccination process by this means, as well as answering your questions about it.

    2- In that same message you will be given the option to download your vaccination certificate, so in that same chat you must write "Certificate".

    3- Next, you will be asked to send your CURP code along with your name (without surnames) and date of birth.

    4- Indicate the vaccine you received and the number of doses; These data can be consulted in the file that you received in the vaccination module.

    5- Finally you will receive a new message with various options; To download your certificate, select number 2, enter your CURP again and voila, you can now download the file that contains your proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

    From the link above (original Spanish):
    1- Envía un mensaje en WhatsApp con la palabra “Hola” al número 56-1713-0557. Como respuesta el chatbot te responderá de forma automática avisándote que por ese medio recibirás notificaciones acerca de tu proceso de vacunación, así como resolver tus dudas al respecto.

    2- En ese mismo mensaje se te dará la opción de descargar tu certificado de vacunación, por lo que en ese mismo chat deberás escribir “Certificado”.

    3- A continuación se te pedirá mandar tu clave CURP junto con tu nombre (sin apellidos) y fecha de nacimiento.

    4- Índica la vacuna que recibiste y el número de dosis; estos datos pueden ser consultados en el expediente que recibiste en el módulo de vacunación.

    5- Por último recibirás un nuevo mensaje con diversas opciones; para descargar tu certificado selecciona la número 2, ingresa de nuevo tu CURP y listo, ya podrás descargar el archivo que contiene tu comprobante de vacunación contra COVID-19.
    Infobae (sp) | English.
  • Lena
    Much too difficult to explain, Glenn. and too frustrating. I'll wait for another day to continue. I did get to speak to a real person about 3 weeks ago, and was told she would be sending my certificate by email. It hasn't arrived yet, but I do think I'll wait until I can speak to another real person again. I'm not traveling, there's no rush, and I refuse to stress over it.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Update Sept 16. I have received a report that CAISES is no longer doing this.

    From Joey Merrifield: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CURP # THEN, YOU CAN GO TO:
    CAISES/Centro de Salud
    Calle Arco Iris (no number)
    La Lejona 2
    White building/blue trim. They can print you out an official document with Guanajuato State letterhead with all the vaccine info (type of vaccine, lot #, date etc)

    Google Map.

    -- Joey Merrifield
  • DebK
    Adding to Joey's remark about CAISES, I am still missing my second dose despite sending in an aclaracion in July. But because I had my vaccinations at Parque Zeferino where they were in charge, I was able to get a beautiful new "certificate" like the ones they gave us at the site but in full color, full size, all the info typed, stamped and signed in ink by a doctor. It looks a lot better than the little photocopied thing.

    Also, someone has been helping me fix my missing second dose problem. It turns out that during the day at the park -- and presumably everywhere -- there were little moments of downed internet connectivity. So if they happened to type in your data at that moment and push enter, it is possible it didn't actually go up to the big federal database in the sky. I am hoping that my helper will be able to have my data reentered now that I have the easy-to-read certificate from CAISES. I'll post again if this works.
  • Lena
    Hi DebK, would you be willing to share the contact of the helper you found for this problem? I went to Geek to see if they can help, but they run into a roadblock with my curp # and missing second dose, same as I did. They said I should wait until CAISES again is working on these things. Thx if you can send that info!
  • Richard Allen Brown
    We are having trouble getting my wife’s information corrected on the government web page. It’s been three months and the correction we submitted has not been updated yet. There is no number to call and we can’t submit the corrections again. Is there someone that can help us. We’re traveling in 4 months and need the certificate. Thanks
  • Glenn Wilson
    I don't know of any other way to get the certificate corrected. If anyone knows another way or discovers another way, please pass it along.
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