• Ron Lenox
    (GW: Updated in comments: Guanajuato ministerial police broke into the "Cielito Lindo" nursing home in San Miguel de Allende, to take an inmate of United States nationality..)
    Alarming Events at Well-known Nursing Home

  • Glenn Wilson
    Guanajuato ministerial police broke into the "Cielito Lindo" nursing home in San Miguel de Allende, to take an inmate of United States nationality.
    Guanajuato ministerial police broke into the "Cielito Lindo" nursing home in San Miguel de Allende, to take an inmate of United States nationality. During the operation, the agents beat and detained the lawyer from the nursing home.

    The US Consul in San Miguel Allende, Erika Montes Ruiz, participated in the police raid. The events occurred on the afternoon of Saturday, May 8. ...

    The police officers entered with a search warrant whose purpose was to verify the conditions of the inmate Janet Howey who, according to a complaint from Consul Montes, was deprived of liberty.
    Reforma (sp).
  • JC Rivera
    Things like this have been going on for years. Ask people who live in Los Labradores. The stories are horrible. There needs to be an investigation by the Federal authorities. People will go to jail.
  • Diana Berman
    This is disconcerting information. Is there someone following up to provide more information? If not, can someone suggest a way to find out what happened -the cause and response?
  • Diana Berman
    I saw the article
    that was printed today.
    If there are incidents or concerns about elder-abuse I think it would be meaningful for our community to know about it.
  • David Russell
    I’m a bit puzzled...what was the alleged charge? How do you know if the woman is a criminal? If you are going to report a happening, why don’t you give all the relevant information? What lawyer? What charges? Elder abuse? On whom? By whom? This is like reading a grade 4 English report. It goes no where and tells us nothing. Come on people...use your words.
  • Glenn Wilson
    There are links above to two different articles with two different aspects of the story.

    The Original: Alarming Events at Well-known Nursing Home

    The Update: Reforma (sp).

    Click and read both for a fuller perspective of the story.
  • JC Rivera
    This elder abuse has been going on for at least five years, but the problem is that the owners are very well connected and wealthy, and aren't afraid -- feeling that they can buy anything they want including a city official or even a judge if needed. They've kept other patients hostage for months refusing to release them. There is so much fear and people don't want to fight the system alone. When Janet came down with Covid, and needed oxygen, the physician prescribed it and that made the Director so angry she fired the doctor for not consulting her first! Then when Janet got the bill, she'd been charged for the oxygen she never received!

    Another patient reportedly had a reaction to a medication and the Director (a person with no medical background and daughter of the owner) refused to acknowledge responsibility and said instead that the problem was that this person needed his leg amputated! When his wife tried to remove him they wouldn't release him and she had to show up with a group of friends to remove him by force. They then claimed that he couldn't leave until his bill was paid (which it had been) and fabricated another non-itemized bill for thousands of dollars. The wife paid it just to get her husband out of there before they did worse things to him. There are many stories like these and I would imaging there are few patients who have not had similar treatment. This requires a Federal Investigation because this is only the tip of the iceberg. People are afraid to talk because the owner rules with an iron fist and Cielito Lindo is his "golden egg laying goose."
  • Jim Mossuto
    I had my mom at Cielito Lindo for Five years before she passed a year ago June at 101. I was there three to four times a week. I could never have imagined better care for her. As many have suggested, there is more than meets the eye to this report. Skulduggery. I wonder who Janet’s new financial POA is? The accuser?
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