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    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: When it came time for me to leave Ségou, Mali, in early 2001, I invited my landlord, a grand type (“big shot”), as the Africans would say, businessman from the capital, Bamako, whom I’d never met in person, to come and inspect his house, which I’d been renting for nearly three years.

    At the time I’d moved into this house, a three-bedroom, one-story, cement-block structure in a middle-class Malian neighborhood, it was nine years old and had never been lived in. Its surrounding grounds were as flat, dusty and lifeless as a desert. To me, though, this baked earth looked like a blank canvas, and I made its transformation one of my creative projects there.

    Mali is a hot, dry, land-locked country in West Africa, bordering the Sahara, with daytime temperatures frequently at or near 120 F. (48.8 C.) — the polar opposite of “lush.” But I was determined to make a garden with my own two hands, which I’ve always enjoyed getting dirty, and then-strong back, made even stronger by pulling up countless buckets from my well to water all the plants every day. Although I was just a beginner, a true amateur, the resulting lush garden became my delight. ...

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