• Rhonda Lerner
    Dear Sanmiguelenses,

    Please read this heartfelt message from LifePath owner, Beverly Nelson, Ph.D. where she explains the closing of LifePath and subsequent Online Auction of the contents of the B&B and retreat center.

    Attached is a flyer for the Online Auction with more information.

    Rhonda Lerner

    A message from Beverly Nelson, Ph.D.

    You haven’t heard from me for some time, and I thought it was time for an update. It’s a big one, so here it goes!

    COVID-19 is the most dramatic unprecedented event to hit humanity in decades. I’m certain you have felt the impact of the physical, emotional, and financial challenges this crisis has caused in a variety of ways — either directly or indirectly. Well, we, at LifePath Center, felt the crisis directly. And, like any crisis, it can lead to a breakdown… or a breakthrough.

    Allison and I had been thinking for a while that it was time to sell or possibly close LifePath Center permanently (due to many factors), and we were in the process of making that decision. Then came COVID-19. Decisions that we thought we had time to make needed to be made fast. There were moments of breakdown, but eventually came the breakthrough, and we knew it was the right decision!

    So, after deep reflection, we decided to move ahead with our plans and close LifePath Center. We are open to exploring selling the brand name, operations and concept of LifePath, but for now, our physical location is closed permanently.

    As you can imagine, the decision was filled with mixed emotions. We are saddened to bring closure to an incredible opportunity to be of service to the community of San Miguel de Allende for over 20 years. And, at the same time, we are filled with gratitude and appreciation for the continued loyalty of so many people who graced our doors and participated in the many workshops, classes, practitioner sessions, and retreats.

    And, we are filled with pride for knowing that we provided expert healing practitioners, top quality workshops and classes, and amazing healing retreats in our beautiful B&B. All efficiently run by the best staff in town. It truly was a blessing to be part of this experience for so many years.

    You might be wondering, WHAT’S NEXT? Well, here’s the exciting news.

    First, we are selling all of the furnishings of LifePath. A 6-bedroom holistic center has a lot of stuff, right? Due to COVID-19, it’s really not the time to have a live in-person sale. So, we’re going online and have listed every item for sale.

    The website is LifePath Sale where you can take a look at the items (there are over 700 of them and are available to buy now by using the "Buy Now" option). And, there will also be an auction starting on Monday the 29th of June at 8AM CST on that same website! The sale items will only be able to be picked up or delivered locally (in San Miguel de Allende, MX), but, who knows, if you’re not local; you might want to have it delivered to a friend! And, if you really want something, let us know, and we’ll see what we can figure out with you.

    Secondly, I will continue to offer my online courses based on the Hero’s Journey .lifepathmasters, and I will also continue my therapy services online and write my blog www.lifepathmasters.com/blog In fact, I will be sharing my blog with you soon about COVID -19 and how it can be seen as a Hero’s Journey.

    I am also busily preparing a new group Enneagram online class to enhance the online course I created called "The Enneagram: The Hero- Who Am I?" based on the Enneagram and the Hero’s Journey. The details for the Enneagram class will be announced soon! This is very exciting to me because the Enneagram has literally changed my life!

    Thirdly, my daughter, Allison Folks, the General Manager and Co-Director of LifePath Center, is starting a property management company and concierge service with her business partner, Megan Martin. She is also a US Immigration attorney and is excited to start a practice in San Miguel de Allende. She specializes in both family-based and employment immigration. She is passionate about using her experience in both hospitality and law and is looking forward to moving forward with her career. She can be reached at 

    Thank you for your support throughout the years. It’s been a wonderful experience and we both feel honored to have had the opportunity to witness and share the healing journey of so many people.

    Beverly and Allison

  • Rhonda Lerner
    This is the correct link to the sale: https://lifepathsale.com
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