• Glenn Wilson
    June 23, 2020:
    • SMA: 1 new case; 32 active.
    • GTO: 14 new deaths; 141 new cases.
    • MEX: 759 new deaths.

    SMA: 4 deaths, 69 confirmed (19 suspected; 33 recovered).
    SMA: 4 deaths, 68 confirmed (21 suspected; 29 recovered) (yesterday).

    32 active confirmed cases. It is very likely there are additional active cases that have not been confirmed, so "don't let your guard down."
    coronavirus.sanmigueldeallende.gob.mx (<< click for latest). (SMA numbers are also available on the GTO site, next.)
    In the dashboard above there are 69 confirmed cases, 4 deaths and 33 recovered. 69-4-33 = 32 active confirmed cases.

    GTO: 410 deaths, 6323 confirmed (2378 suspected).
    GTO: 396 deaths, 6182 confirmed (2408 suspected) (yesterday).
    coronavirus.guanajuato.gob.mx (<< click for latest and the full chart of municipalities).

    Mexico Data and Interactive Maps
    Click here for the current data and interactive maps.

    Mexico: 185,122 cases and 22,584 deaths (<< click for latest).
    Mexico: 180,545 cases and 21,825 deaths (yesterday).

    USA: 2,388,225 cases and 122,611 deaths (<< click for latest).
    USA: 2,356,715 cases and 122,248 deaths (yesterday).

    Canada: 101,637 cases and 8,436 deaths (<< click for latest).
    Canada: 101,337 cases and 8,430 deaths (yesterday).

    World: 9,206,609 cases and 474,730 deaths (<< click for latest).
    World: 9,060,780 cases and 470,939 deaths (yesterday).

    Johns Hopkins
    World: 9,108,670 cases and 472,702 deaths (<< click for latest; takes a moment to load).
    World: 8,954,692 cases and 468,374 deaths (yesterday).
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  • Jack Shaw
    With the continued move towards the opening of the city the two articles here are relevant. The first, https://www.economist.com/the-americas/2020/06/20/latin-america-opens-up-before-its-ready, was published on June 20th in the Economist. Sorry but you have to paste the link in your browser, not sure why it doesn’t connect when you click. Second, attached, was published in the Glove and Mail today, G&M is sometimes referred to as Canada’s newspaper. Both articles report that covid cases in Mexico are understated due to lack of testing and the economic pressures to re open may be overriding health concert.

    My wife and I have been poster children for being overly cautious—new to Mexico and the city caused us to be much more cautious than we would be in a familiar environment. Our view, opinion with no science, is that San Miguel faces the risk of a a rapid increase in infections with the re-opening of the city as there will an influx of outsiders and a desperate need for those that live here to generate income. The outsiders increase exposure and there will be much more internal and external interactions.

    Guess we are very much of the view that an abundance of caution continues to be appropriate so we go out when required, wear masks and try to minimize our interactions.

    Sharing this as more information is always better.
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