• Glenn Wilson
    A self-portrait that now hangs in her bedroom.

    Bonnie Lee Black wrote: “Humor,” she told me when I asked her what sustains her. “Humor feeds me,” Rhoda said. “And I love to hear people laugh and see them smile.” So, unsurprisingly, when I interviewed Rhoda Draws at her home here in San Miguel this week, we spent much of our time together laughing.

    “I grew up in Chicago in a Jewish family where there was a lot of humor,” Rhoda told me. “Often this is the case with Jewish families. I use humor in my work, my drawings, my relationships with people. I am a consumer of humor. I love the way a standup comic can point out the ridiculous.”

    And, as I always do when I interview remarkable older women for my WOW blogposts, I asked Rhoda, now 82, what motivates her to keep going, keep creating. Rhoda Draws (yes, her real name, as I’ll explain in a bit) has been a professional artist for more than 50 years. ...

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  • Bonnie Lee Black
    Thanks so much, dear Glenn, for sharing this interview with your readership!
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