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    Alfredo Lanier wrote: ... Back at the hospital in San Antonio where I kept vigil when Stew was operated on for a fractured hip six weeks ago, I had plenty of opportunity to observe the caravan of nurses, doctors, orderlies and physical therapists attending him, and the fascinating ethnic minestrone they represented: Korean, Filipino, Mexican, Black, plus a bubbly Ethiopian woman named Alpha—with a brother back home named Omega—all fussing about at their individual chores, all unfailingly polite. Some Filipino nurses sounded as if they occasionally reverted to their native language, probably because I didn’t understand their English.

    Plus a physical therapist named Jesús (Jesse) Rodríguez, a 28-year-old with a beefy build of a former football player, a heavy beard broken by a shy smile, and laser-focused attention as he showed Stew different exercises.

    Jesús and we turned out to share a close degree of separation: His mom is Mexican and originally from Los Rodríguez, a none-too-prosperous town of 2,500 residents, no more than ten minutes from our ranch. ...

    Continue at Rancho Santa Clara: Two degrees of separation. More #RanchoSantaClara.

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