• Glenn Wilson
    Parker Asmann: The brazen murder of several children and women from a prominent American Mormon family by cartel gunmen in northern Mexico has yet again highlighted the country’s abysmal security situation, while also raising concerns that the killers will elude justice.

    At least nine US citizens, all family members of anti-crime activist Julián LeBarón, were killed in the November 4 attack in the small town of Bavispe in northwest Sonora state along the US-Mexico border. The dead included three women and six children, two of whom were just infants, according to Animal Político.

    The group of 17 family members was reportedly traveling in three separate vehicles when they came under fire. Gunmen shot some of the passengers at point blank range and sprayed the vehicles with bullets, causing one to burst into flames, according to purported videos of the burnt-out vehicle.

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  • Bob Broughton
    Two things:
    The report I've seen is that one suspect has been arrested. Excuse me, but more than one person was responsible for this. The Ministry of Defense says that La Linea was responsible. So why not arrest every known La Linea member?
    The Guardia Nacional is currently cracking down on Uber. How about just laying off Uber drivers for 2-3 years, and diverting their resources to addressing violent crime?
  • Glenn Wilson
    It seems, at this moment, it is not clear who the perpetrators were:
    He said that it is not defined who is responsible for what happened, "there are many opinions and many ideas but we really do not know what it was."Marcial LeBarón
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