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    Alfredo Lanier wrote: Why is local law enforcement here so ineffective?

    Last Friday, a close friend I’ll call Tom, 81, was carjacked and kidnapped as he returned to his ranch early in the afternoon, at a spot just outside Jalpa, a midsize town near us. In addition to his late model Toyota Tacoma pickup—which had a couple of bullet holes as souvenirs from an attempted carjacking about two months ago.

    During the attack the assailants busted the driver side window, yanked Tom out and shoved him into an older white SUV and, apparently trying to disorient him, drove around for about an hour. They warned Tom to keep his eyes closed though he quickly figured they were headed to somewhere near Los Rodríguez, a wreck of a town about ten miles outside San Miguel.

    In addition to his Tacoma and a cargo of construction materials, including two two-ton split-level air conditioning units, Tom lost his phone, all the contents of his wallet, except for the hard-to-replace immigration card, plus one shoe and one hearing aid. That left him with $19 pesos in his pocket, or about one dollar. ...

    Continue at Rancho Santa Clara: San Miguel’s “Law and Order” show. More #RanchoSantaClara.

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  • Glenn Wilson
    A couple of excerpts on Impunity (North America seems pretty bad in general).

    The results of the Global Impunity Index (GII 2020) indicate, as did the reports for 2015 and 2017, that Mexico is characterized by very high levels of impunity. Although Mexico now ranks in 60th place out of 69 countries studied (in 2017 it was 66th), this simply reflects fluctuations between the cases studied. What is more important is to understand the degrees of impunity that characterize the Mexican case.bygsvqvpqq084s3z.png
    Mexico: Measuring Impunity through the 2020 Global Impunity Index

    Impunity in Mexico is not accidental, random, or involuntary. Instead, impunity results from a chain of actions taken with the express purpose of undermining investigations.
    More than lack of capacity: active impunity in Mexico
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