• Glenn Wilson
    Retired Teacher: Mexico's National Museum of Art is located in a lavish, early 20th century, former government building in the Historic Center.

    The museum certainly does not rank with places like the Louvre, the Metropolitan, or the Prado, but then how many museums do? Other than its ornate reception hall, the upper floor holds limited interest for me... galleries full of age-darkened canvases from the colonial era, most of them religious paintings. The middle floor however contains the gorgeous landscapes of José María Velasco (one of my favorite Mexican painters), some interesting 19th century historical paintings, a sculpture gallery, and galleries which take the story of Mexican art up to the mid-twentieth century. Those galleries were recently renovated, and were the reason for a visit to the museum last Sunday.

    I was quite impressed with the new, expanded galleries. They have apparently brought many paintings out of storage, since there were many works which I did not recognize from my previous visits. The big three of 20th century Mexican art, Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros are better represented, as well as many painters who are lesser known outside of Mexico.

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