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    I3: Conversations With Big Thinkers presents

    Unseen Life: In Us, On Us, and All Around Us
    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    La Casona Convention Center, 5pm

    Microbes get a bad rap. Sure, some of them cause diseases, and for millennia before antibiotics, had been the scourge of humanity. But most that we encounter in our daily lives are benign, or even beneficial to our health. Recent advances have enabled us to detect the genetic signatures of this unseen underworld, revealing microbial life that is far more diverse, abundant—and stranger—than previously imagined. Microbes thrive everywhere we’ve looked: from the upper reaches of the atmosphere to the very bowels of the Earth, in frigid lakes hidden beneath Antarctic ice to scalding geothermal vents.

    Evolutionary biologist Rob Dunn investigates microbes and their hosts in the places where we live. Our homes may be one of the most novel habitats on the planet, with diverse ecological niches—showerheads and toilets, doormats and pillows, freezers and stovetops, cats and dogs, cleaning products and bathtub rings—plus all manner of manmade materials and imported foodstuffs. We share our homes with hundreds of thousands of species, a large proportion of which are unnamed and previously unknown to science.

    Presentation with Q&A at 5:00 PM in La Casona Event Center. Informal reception to follow, with complimentary botanas and beverages available for purchase. 250 peso advance tickets available online now or purchase tickets at the Boleto City ticket desk in Mercado Sano, upper level, starting two weeks prior to the event. 300 pesos at the door.

    More details: ROB DUNN: Unseen Life: In Us, On Us, and All Around Us.

    Expert on the Invisible Microbes Around Us to Speak at La Casona
    The micro-world made its human debut in 1672 when a Dutchman named Leeuwenhoek peered at a drop of pond water through his primitive microscope and dubbed the amazing tiny moving critters he saw as “animalcules.” Today we know them as microbes, but our progress in understanding them has been limited to the ...
    Expert on the Invisible Microbes Around Us to Speak at La Casona.
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