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    The reasons why fasting longer than 24 hours, and particularly three or more days, should only be done under the supervision of a health professional and preferably in a live-in clinic.

    Dr. Greger: Although fasting for a week or two can actually interfere with the loss of body fat, eventually, after the third week of fasting, fat loss starts to overtake the loss of lean body mass in obese individuals. But is it safe to go that long without food?

    Proponents speak of fasting as a cleansing process, but some of what they are purging from their body are essential vitamins and minerals. Heavy-enough people can go up to 382 days without calories, but no one can go even a fraction of that long without vitamins. Scurvy, for example, is diagnosable within as few as four weeks without any vitamin C. Beriberi, thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency, may start out even earlier in fasting patients, and once it manifests can result in brain damage within days—which can eventually become irreversible.

    Even though fasting patients report problems such as nausea and indigestion taking supplements, all of the months-long fasting cases I’ve mentioned in the last few videos were given daily multivitamins and mineral supplementation as necessary. Without supplementation, hunger strikers, and those undergoing prolonged fasts for therapeutic or religious purposes (like the Baptist pastor hoping to “enhance his spiritual powers for exorcism”) have ended up paralyzed, comatose, or worse.

    Nutrient deficiencies aren’t the only risk. Reading about all the successful reports of massive weight loss from prolonged fasting in the medical literature, one doctor decided to give it a try with his patients. Of the first dozen he tried it on, though, two died. ...

    Continue at NutritionFacts: Is Fasting for Weight Loss Safe?

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