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    Upcoming for Nov 5, 2019:
    • What's Happening,
    • Shelter Theater Storytelling Extravaganza and Open Mic Nov 5,
    • Assemblage Artist in Casa Europa Oct 10-Nov 10,
    • Art Exhibition: Rafael Coronel ...to mid Dec,
    • King Tut in GTO Sep 25 - Mar 29,
    • El Circo Fantasma Nov 7,
    • Prose Café Bellas Artes Nov 7,
    • Photofest Nov 7-10,
    • TOSMA Organic Market Nov 9,
    • Chess Saturday Oct Nov 9,
    • La Pulga Flea Market Nov 24,
    • Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk Dec 7,
    • Scheduled Road Work and Closures.

    What's Happening

    Shelter Theater Storytelling Extravaganza and Open Mic Nov 5
    Storytelling is ancient, predating computers, radios, books, even language itself. Now, ages later, in spite of—or because of—the abundance of technology, the popularity of storytelling has not waned.
    Storytelling 3pm
    Open Mic 7pm
    Shelter Theater Storytelling Extravaganza Brings New Tale Tellers to the Fold.

    Assemblage Artist in Casa Europa Exhibit Doesn’t Shy Away from Challenging Issues Oct 10 - Nov 10
    It can delight the senses. It can fill us with wonder. Art can also be opinionated and so persuasive that it wakes us up and forces us to think about how we see and experience the world. I recently had the opportunity to view the renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Restore Memories [...]
    Assemblage Artist in Casa Europa Exhibit Doesn’t Shy Away from Challenging Issues.
    Casa Europa Exhibit Encourages Viewers to Engage with the Sociopolitical.

    Art Exhibition of the Work of Rafael Coronel ...to Mid Dec
    For three months in San Miguel de Allende the work of Rafael Coronel will be exhibited.

    Lourdes Sosa, the director of the gallery of the same name and in charge of the work, said there are 29 works that will be exhibited in the halls of the Tourist Council / Office of Tourism across from the Parroquia. Enter the exhibition through the Office of Tourism.

    He said that there are unpublished works, which he did at the end of his life in this May of 2019, so a group of oil works, drawings, bronzes from the ages of 70, 80, 90 and more are presented.
    Art Exhibition of the Work of Rafael Coronel Inaugurated (sp).

    King Tut Comes to GTO Sep 25 - Mar 29
    The exhibit “Tutankhamen, the tomb, The gold and the curse” has traveled around Mexico and the US and now it’s coming to the state of Guanajuato!

    Starting September 26th, come see what has wowed and amazed people for decades. While there’ll be no mummies, on display will be 200 replicas of some of the 3500 artifacts uncovered in 1922 in Egypt. These include 3000 year-old funeral masks, embalming tools, jewelry and more.
    King Tut Comes to GTO.
    September 25 2019 to March 29 2020.
    For more and a map: Tutankhamun: the Tomb, the Gold, and the Curse

    El Circo Fantasma Nov 7
    San Miguel de Allende is fortunate to have as many as 83 NGOs dedicated to improving social welfare through various initiatives, all of which have left their mark on the various sectors in which they are involved. One might think that these organizations, working together with government agencies, should be more than ...
    More than Just Acting.

    Prose Café Bellas Artes Nov 7
    Sharon Steeber, Steven Dunn, Gabrielle Brie.

    5:00–6:00 PM

    Sala Literaria at Bellas Artes, 1st Floor
    Suggested Donation $50 pesos
    Prose Café Bellas Artes Nov 7.

    Photofest Nov 7-10
    From November 7 to 10, San Miguel de Allende will host PHOTOFEST, a meeting point to find renowned personalities of photography that seeks Mexican talent. EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY FREE With special guests who will hold workshops, forums, conferences and classes where you can listen, learn and live together ...
    Photofest Nov 7-10 (sp).

    TOSMA Organic Market Nov 9
    The TOSMA market is located outside at Mercado Sano. Every Saturday 9 am - 4 pm.
    TOSMA Organic Market.

    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday Nov 9
    What: Chess. Players of all levels are welcome; from complete beginners to experts.
    When: Every Saturday at Cafe Arab'ella from 9am - 11am.
    Where: Cafe Arab'ella.
    Chess at Cafe Arab'ella Saturday.

    La Pulga Flea Market Nov 24
    Sunday Oct 27, 11 am - 3 pm, Salón Los Pinos, Salida a Querétaro #145.
    Since 2011. Free admission.
    La Pulga Flea Market San Miguel.

    Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk Dec 7
    The first Saturday of every month Fábrica La Aurora hosts their open house and Art Walk.
    Fábrica La Aurora Art Walk.


    Scheduled Road Work and Closures
    If you know of updates, corrections or additions to this list please let us know.


    #Todos_Juntos we improve our #SanMigueldeAllende with works for the benefit of all. Schedule your transfer times and consider alternate routes.

    We continue with the work of replacing the drinking water line in Ancha de San Antonio street, in order to ensure the supply of drinking water in our homes. PLEASE DRIVE WITH CAUTION AND CONSIDER ALTERNATE ROADS.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE Monday, October 7 to November 25.

    Street: Zacateros, section: Hernández Macías to Orizaba.

    Rehabilitation work in the drinking water network and tap replacement.



    Work Concluded In Puente De Baeza And Open To The Vehicle Circulation Calle José Mujica
    Once again, José Mujica Street was opened to vehicular traffic, which for more than two months remained closed, due to the restructuring work on the Baeza Bridge located on the road artery.

    This work is one of the most important of the 2018-2021 Administration, since it translates into direct benefits for both the inhabitants of the city and visitors, not only in the aesthetic impact but also because of its vehicular and historical importance.

    The work was authorized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) throughout the construction process and intervention work always taking into account the rescue, rehabilitation and restoration of the elements in the place.

    The works included the replacement of the pavements and stonework, the structure of the slopes of the ravine, the injection of the walls to support the vault, as well as the sewing of cracks inside the bridge. Today we work on the perimeter fence of the bridge to tie it with the fence of Benito Juárez Park.
    Work Concluded In Puente De Baeza And Open To The Vehicle Circulation Calle José Mujica (sp).


    The Arcade of Guadalupe Avenue, the goodbye to the trees and the 'cooperacha' that the tenants ask for
    Derived from the application of the “Maintenance and conservation of streets” program that runs the infrastructure and public works management, Guadalupe Avenue will have partial closure of streets from September 21.

    Problems finding the new urban and suburban route in the San Juan De Dios area? Check this out:
    Did you return to work Monday and realize that in the area of San Juan De Dios there are a lot of closed streets and others with opposite directions? Well, the rehabilitation work started on Guadalupe Avenue, so ...
    Problems finding the new urban and suburban route in the San Juan De Dios area? Check this out: (sp).

    As part of the dignification of this area, this Saturday, September 21 will begin the rehabilitation work of the stamped concrete pavement on Guadalupe Avenue, from the section that goes from the Station Road to the Avenue Independence.

    For this reason, there will be total closure of the section that goes from Calzada de la Estación to San Rafael street and the section of Antonio Villanueva to Insurgentes, during the first stage of this action.
    Rehabilitation Work In Avenida Guadalupe Begins (sp).


    Traffic Light Project
    The Municipal Government, headed by the mayor, Luis Alberto Villarreal García, announced the traffic light project that will be executed during the next few days; Only in the “José Manuel Zavala” Libramiento, the historic center and the main streets of the city will not be intervened.

    With installation, supply and commissioning of 91 devices, San Miguel de Allende will have this new tool to regulate traffic and pedestrian traffic.
    They present a traffic light project (sp).
    See also: Traffic lights arrived in SMA (sp).

    With the overpass in El Pípila, traffic lights will also arrive at San Miguel de Allende
    September 25 is the tentative date to begin the construction works of the overpass in the Glorieta El Pípila where a project will be included that will include the first traffic lights that San Miguel de Allende will have. The traffic lights will go from the building ...
    With the overpass in El Pípila, traffic lights will also arrive at San Miguel de Allende (sp).

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