• Glenn Wilson
    Mexperience: New legislation was passed into law in August 2019 that gives the Mexican state wide-ranging powers to seize physical property in the event that the property is suspected to be –or suspected ever was– linked to illicit or criminal activity.

    Known in Spanish as Ley Nacional de Extinción de Dominio, the law enables a judge to immediately order the seizure of a property that is suspected to be part of a corrupt or illegal transfer chain (for example, if previous owners used illicit means to acquire it or build it) and/or if it’s suspected the property is being actively used for criminal purposes.

    The law is causing some controversy especially in relation to a present owner’s risk of loss due to an illicit transaction history that the owner could not have known about. Under this law, a property may be immediately seized without trial if the authorities present a petition to a judge and that judge deems that there are grounds to suspect the authorities have a case. The state may subsequently dispose of the property even before a trial has taken place.

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  • Phyllis snyder
    I’m concerned that my new landlord doesn’t provide receipt for rent payment. I understand that it’s the law they must provide the fiscal receipt? Please let me know your thoughts on how to approach this matter. Gracias!
  • Glenn Wilson
    I don't know the law about this. Is the purpose just to have proof that you paid?

    How are you paying? Is it self-documenting (like a check)?

    If cash, maybe you can get a receipt book, and have the landlord sign when you pay?
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