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    Qroo Paul: For years, bringing your pets along with you on vacation to Mexico meant gathering a bunch of paperwork like health certificates, vaccination records and proof that your furry friend was treated for parasites within the last six months. Fortunately, many of those requirements were eliminated earlier this year for pets originating from ether the United States or Canada.

    Import Procedures for Pets from the U.S. or Canada
    Let’s begin with a fun fact — in Mexico, only dogs and cats are considered pets. Well, at least in the eyes of the Mexican government. That means that the procedures discussed in this post only apply to dogs and cats.

    That may come as a shock to those of you who were planning on bringing your parakeet, ferret, rabbit or turtle on your next vacation to Cancun. For those folks, I have good news. Although your animal is not technically considered a pet, it’s still possible to bring them along with you to Mexico. I’ll be discussing those requirements in a future post.

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