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    What is the optimum dose of wild blueberries to eat at a meal?

    Dr. Greger: “A single serving of blueberry [can help mediate the] arterial dysfunction induced [by smoking a cigarette].” They “investigated the effect of a single serving of…frozen blueberr[ies on] young smokers.” Smoke a single cigarette, and the ability of your arteries to relax naturally drops 25% within two hours. But, eat two cups of blueberries a hundred minutes before, and that same cigarette causes less than half the damage, demonstrating that “a single [big] serving of…frozen blueberry could counteract the [artery] dysfunction induced by smoking.” However, of course, it should be noted that “blueberry consumption cannot be considered a means of preventing health consequences due to smoking; this can only be realized by” stopping smoking, or even better, not smoking in the first place.

    Two cups of blueberries is a lot, though. Yeah, you could easily chug those down in a smoothie, but what’s like the minimum dose? We didn’t know, until a group of British researchers decided to put it to the test. To enable them to do a double-blind study, they had to create a placebo control fake blueberry drink. So, they used a freeze-dried wild blueberry powder to give people the equivalent of three-quarters of a cup of fresh wild blueberries, one and a half cups, one and three-quarters, about three cups, or four cups. They concluded “blueberry intake acutely improves [artery] function in a[n] intake-dependent manner.”

    Okay, so what’s the optimal intake? After the placebo, nothing happens. But, after eating one and three-quarter cup’s worth of blueberries, a big spike in artery function improvement within just one hour of consumption. And, that seems to be where the effect maxes out. Less than a cup is good, but between one and two cups seems better, with no benefit going beyond that in a single meal.

    Continue at NutritionFacts: Benefits of Blueberries for Artery Function.

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