• Zoe
    While slowly organizing my end of life documents a horror story happened It’s worth paying attention to.

    Much of SMA is a retirement community. Some of those retired are here alone.

    I tried to help one of those do her paperwork and get prepared for the inevitable. Didn’t happen.

    She fell. Extensive brain damage. A Mexican neighbor with whom she was friends basically picked her up unconscious off the street and got her to the hospital.

    She goes in and out of consciousness and in and out of the hospital. She often can’t recognize anyone and, while alive and lingering, is unable to provide things like … who to contact, how to access funds, etc

    There are no relatives here, and no documentation and other people are paying the consequences of her inaction.

    This thread is about preparing so we don’t leave a mess for others. Do it while it is still easy to do.

    Seguro Popular. This is medical insurance available to most of us and provided by the Mexican government. There is another thread that discusses it. Apparently it is again possible for us to register here in SMA. I will check this out within a week (Thank you Gabrielle for that information!)

    24 hour society: In Mexico a relative must claim the body. Gotta be a relative. Thus the 24 hour Society was formed. It is the ONLY entity that can legally substitute for a relative but the paperwork must be done in advance. I did it and paid for cremation in advance. It is one phone call and people who have been thru this take over.

    They provide a death certificate to those who will need it and have the necessary contact details

    Living Will In case I don’t conveniently die quickly, this specifies when I want the plug pulled and gives the legal authority to do it.

    Enduring Power of Attorney. This was not mentioned by my lawyer, so I am looking into it. It gives authority to someone else to act in my behalf when I can’t.

    I was told to pre-sign things like the factura for the car, just leaving the name blank. I suspect the EPOA can take care of this as well.

    Will. A will requires probate and you can’t do that in Mexico unless you own real estate. Probates are expensive. If you don’t own much, a will is dramatic, but pointless.

    The alternative is a letter. I am in the process of finding out how formal this letter needs to be.

    Joint bank account. These are funds available to a trusted other that can be used in my behalf until something else can kick in.

    Estate note book. It contains info on
    Bank accounts & debit cads
    Things I own

    Password notebook.
    In alphabetic order, this provides access to things like the computer and various accounts.

    I will be posting links and info here so it is in a central easily accessed location.

    Please add anything we all would find helpful.
  • Glenn Wilson
    Great info! Thanks!
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