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    ‘Florals, Landscapes & Heads’ an exhibit of oil paintings and fine art giclee prints by Cape Cod Artist, Christus Murphy

    Opening reception March 18th 5-8 PM
    Bordello Galeria
    Casa de la Noche

    FLORALS, LANDSCAPES & HEADS, an exhibition of oil paintings and fine art giclee prints by Cape Cod artist, Christus Murphy, opens on March 18th at Casa de la Noche’s Bordello Galeria with a reception and artist’s talk.

    During the opening evening, Christus will walk the viewers through the exhibit focusing on the contrast between original paintings and fine art giclee prints.

    Christus has been painting since he was very young, his talents having been recognized before he was eight years old. As a young man, he studied at Massachusetts College of Art, where his professor, Laurence Kuperman introduced him to the Boston Art Scene and where he exhibited at the Carl Siembab Gallery during the 1950’s. In his 20’s he traveled to Italy where he painted for a year and then went to Spain where he had a sell- out show in the Canary Islands. Returning from Europe, he went through a period of absolute artistic frustration during which he burned most of his remaining work. He then spent the next 17 years as one of Boston’s top illustrators but left the world of advertising in 1976 to return to full-time painting. Since then, he has painted in Romania, Greece, the USA and now, here in San Miguel.

    In 1995, he was welcomed into the vibrant Richmond, Virginia art scene by former San Miguel resident, Martha Mabey, who at that time was running the Martha Mabey Gallery. As Martha describes Christus' work, “It is impossible to be in the presence of paintings by Christus Murphy without having an emotional reaction. Vitality and appreciation of life permeate each of his paintings. In his hand, oil paint becomes alive. It flows. It moves. It curves, swishes and dances.”

    Theresa Steward Hupp, owner of Stewart Gallery where Christus has had a number of exhibitions remarks, “This remarkably talented artist brings together his emotions with the visual on canvas. Christus is able to make his oil paintings sing for the viewer with the fluidity in his brushstrokes, use of distortion and his years of insight.”

    In the words of the artist, “My purpose as an artist is not primarily to express feelings and emotions but to generate them in the viewer. The way paint goes on the canvas is so important. While painting in Greece, I looked down at my palette and felt the excitement of the forms and colors. I then studied the palette with a fresh eye and saw the magic and vitality of life that the oil paint itself could bring to the canvas. The organic form of that magic is always in my being as I work to bring the canvas to its completion.”

    This exhibition can be viewed at the Bordello Galeria through April 23rd. Mark your calendar for his opening reception Saturday, March 18th and meet the artist from 5-8 PM. Christus will discuss his painting intention and style during the course of this special evening.

    Bordello Galeria is located in the public rooms of Casa de la Noche, Organos 19, in this historic San Miguel bordello. This “Hotel Boutique” has been known for hospitality for almost a hundred years. Please join us!
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    Reminder: This is happening Saturday March 18.
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