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    Fasting for a week or two is like the keto diet—it can actually slow body fat loss rather that accelerating it.

    Dr. Greger: Fasting obviously causes consistent, dramatic weight loss, but how do fasted individuals do long-term? Some research groups reported extremely disappointing results. Here’s what they saw. Average subject started out at about 270 pounds and, in the six months before the fast, continued to gain weight as obese persons tend to do. Then, after 24 days of what they called “inpatient starvation,” a dramatic 27-pound weight loss. Then what do you think happened? They gained it all back and more, though one could argue if they had not fasted, they might have been up around here at that point.

    In another study with follow-ups ranging up to 50 months, only 4 out of 25 so-called “superobese” patients achieved even partial sustained success. Based on these kinds of data, some investigators concluded that “complete starvation is of no value in the long-term treatment of obese patients.”

    Other research teams reported better outcomes. One series of about 100 individuals found that 60 percent either retained at least some weight loss at follow-up or even continued losing. The follow-up periods varied from 1 to 32 months, with no breakdown as to who fasted how long, though—making the data hard to interpret. One year after fasting, 62 patients down 16 pounds in 10 days. In another study, 40 percent retained at least 7 pounds of that weight loss.

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