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    Join us at the Lifelong Learning Program at the beautifully Instituto Allende. A lot of classes are sold out. These are the classes that are still open. Sign up here / or at the Instituto Allende between 9 and 2. All classes are held at the Instituto Allende except the four offered on Zoom only. We offer academic classes just for the joy of learning. No homework!

    Before She Was "Notorious": How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Got Gender Equality into the Constitution. Philippa Strum. January 19 (Th) 1-2:30 pm 300 pesos ZOOM

    Climate Change and Guanajuato. Sivajini Gilchrist. February 7, 9 (T, Th) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 500 Pesos

    Critical Thinking. Alan Gilchrist. February 10, 13 (F, M) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 500 Pesos

    Christo versus Warhol: Brilliant Art and Eccentric Personalities. Kimberly and Carl Weichel. February 21 Tuesday 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 400 Pesos ZOOM

    SEEING Theatre: The Visual Aspects of Production. Phillip Silver February 27, 28 (M, Tu) 10am-Noon 500 pesos

    Literature of the Harlem Renaissance. Mary Katherine Wainwright March 6, 8 (M, W) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 500 pesos

    The History of Dining. Eva Eliscu March 7, 9 10 (T, Th, F) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 600 pesos

    Fairy Tales as Life Stories. Deborah Fausch March 13, 15 (M, W) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 500 pesos

    21st Century Fascism: Origins and Theory. Gerie Bledsoe March 14, 16 (M, W) 1-3 pm 500 pesos ZOOM

    Ireland 1845-1939: From Famine to Fame and Infamy. Terry Fitzpatrick March 17, 20, 22 (F, M, W) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 600 pesos

    Maestro Leonard Bernstein: An Incandescent Soul. Owen Cantor March 27, 29, 31 (M, W, F) 1-3 pm Social hour 3-4 pm 600 pesos

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at jdcarroll at Verizon dot net.

    Jane Carroll
    Director of Publicity

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