• Ira Goldman
    I though I would start a restaurant review discussion. I know there is a discussion of favorites, but we've all eaten at places that are not our favorites but we return for a variety of reason. So I felt we needed more of a review style discussion. So here's my first.
    Last night 4 of us went to Fatima 7 in the Casa Blanca Hotel which is on Jaurez between San Francisco and Mesones. It's about 6-7 steps up so I'm not sure if people with mobility issues will have a problem.
    There is a nice bar and the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. We sat outside as it was a lovely night. The menu is mostly small plates, lamb meatballs, lots of vegetable dishes, hummus etc. Pricing is either for 3 plates, 5 plates, or 7 plates. We ordered 7 plates for the 4 of us and it was fine.
    We also had a bottle of wine, 1 coffee and 1 dessert. The cost was $1750 before the tip(I got a 10% discount with the VIP card). Service was great, the food was very good, the setting was beautiful so on a scale of 1-10 I would give this an 8.5. A little on the expensive side for SMA but worth the cost
  • Ira Goldman
    Pizza Pizza. My wife and I have been on the search for great pizza in SMA. Last year we went to
    Neapolitan Pizza in Guadalupe, it was really good. Small place around the corner from Via Organica with the pizza cooked on a Weber grill. Last night we took a taxi to Casa Papaya which is a little off the beaten track on Valle de Alcocer which is near the mall and down the street from the Sapasma offices. This place is a small B&B with a restaurant on the roof. Decor is semi funky and fun,
    Anyway they have pizza night a couple of times a month so I would make a reservation. There was a caesar salad available and the there were 5 different pizzas. We order the squash blossom with onion, mozzarella and don't remember what else. Dessert was as good as the pizza, brownie sundae.
    No liguor license so you're welcome to BYOB. We will return for pizza and probably one of their themed dinners. If you know a place with really good pizza post it here, I'd love to try it
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