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    Peeled apples are pitted head-to-head against unpeeled apples and spinach in a test of artery function.

    Dr. Greger: Regular apple consumption may contribute to a lower risk of dying prematurely. Moderate apple consumption, meaning like an apple or two a week, was associated with a 20 percent lower risk of dying from all causes put together, whereas those who ate an apple a day had a 35 percent lower risk.

    You’ll often hear me talking about a lower or higher risk of mortality, but what does that mean? Isn’t the risk of dying 100 percent for everyone, eventually? Let’s look at some survival curves to help visualize. If you follow thousands of older women over time, for example, you might see a survival curve like this. They all start out alive, but over a period of 15 years, nearly half succumb. Okay, but this is the survival curve of those who rarely, if ever, ate apples—less than 20 a year. Those averaging more like half a small apple a day instead fall off…like this. Over the same time period, closer to only about 40 percent died. And those who ate an apple a day, one small apple or about a quarter of a large apple, did even better—survived even longer.

    Why is that the case? It seems to be less the apple of one’s eye than the apple of one’s arteries. Even a fraction of an apple a day is associated with 24 percent lower odds of having severe major artery calcifications, a marker of vascular disease. And if you’re like, duh, it’s a fruit, of course it’s healthy, the effect was not found for pears, oranges, or bananas. ...

    Continue at NutritionFacts: For Flavonoid Benefits, Don’t Peel Apples.

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