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    Alfredo Lanier wrote: Stew and I seem to be on a sad streak lately in the pet department. Our Alpha dog Lucy died about eighteen months ago, quietly and I should add mercifully, because she spared us the decision of having to put her to sleep. After a relatively short illness, she just turned up dead one morning by the kitchen door.

    Then eight weeks ago, we weren’t so fortunate when our dog Domino developed cancerous tumors that during the final week left him prostrate. We had to euthanize him, the actual procedure brief but teary.

    Now it’s our 17-year-old cat Fifo’s turn to say adiós. He’s been declining for at least three weeks, slowly and steadily. His aim at the litter box became hit-or-miss, which sometimes required raking the box twice daily and scattering newspapers around it for the times he didn’t hit home. He began drinking constantly and losing weight even as his appetite became ravenous. ...

    Continue at Rancho Santa Clara: Who decides when is Fifo’s time to go? More #RanchoSantaClara.

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