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    La Bohème Ensemble and Darbukanos come together with a special selection of music and dance inspired by the Balkan region.

    La Bohème Ensemble is a Mexican group specializing in world music. These musicians, who will be performing in San Miguel as a duet, have traveled far and wide throughout the Mexican Republic, taking their art to the streets, theaters, and wherever their music is appreciated. Their travels have led them to incorporate styles and songs from each region, bringing a musical diversity to their repertoire, which spans the gamut from Oaxacan and Macedonian rhythms to bolero and tarantella.

    For this occasion they have prepared a special repertoire composed of pieces such as “Djelem Djelem” by composer Zarko Jovanovic, and “Borino de Oro” and “Venzinadiko” by Goran Bregovic, among others.

    The duet includes Fernando Galeo, whose vocals move between Mexican popular song and bel canto⏤a style evolved through a continuous process of learning and refinement.

    This concert will feature interpretations of Eastern European and Balkan folklore. The other half of the duet, Benjamin García, is self-taught in piano and accordion, thanks in no small part to his ongoing passion for world music, in particular that of the region of Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, etc.

    On the Darbukanos side, Roger Vargas plays the oud, and Moises Ponce the darbuka, from which the name of the group derives⏤both instruments essential elements to this repertoire.

    Fridha Chacón, a professional dancer and leader of Darbukanos, is passionate about sharing her art, and over the years has increasingly focused on tribal dance and bellydance with the Darbukanos project.

    We will also have two guest dancers with distinguished careers: Elsanne Barrows, a super teacher and guru for many dancers nationally and internationally, well-known for her studio La Libélula; and Ani Torres, a gypsy music and dance aficionado, who will also help make this early fall evening a very special one.
    TICKETS AND MORE INFO https://conejoblancosma.wixsite.com/darbukanosevent
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