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    Dr. Greger: Ketogenic diets can certainly lower blood sugars, better than conventional diets—so much so, there is a keto product company that claims ketogenic diets can “reverse” diabetes. But they are confusing the symptom—high blood sugars—with the disease, which is carbohydrate intolerance. People with diabetes can’t properly handle carbohydrates, and this manifests as high blood sugars. Sure, if you stick to eating mostly fat, your blood sugars will stay low, but you may be actually making the underlying disease worse, at the same time.

    We’ve known for nearly a century that if you put people on a ketogenic diet, their carbohydrate intolerance can skyrocket—within just two days. Here’s the blood sugar response of someone eating sugar after two days eating a high-carb diet. Here’s exposure to the same amount of sugar after a high-fat diet for two days. Their intolerance to carbohydrates skyrocketed on a high-fat diet.

    One week on an 80 percent fat diet, and you can quintuple your blood sugar spike in reaction to the same carb load, compared to a week on a low-fat diet. Even a single day of excessive dietary fat intake can do it. If you’re going in for a diabetes test, having a fatty dinner the night before can adversely affect your results. One meal high in saturated fat can make the cause of diabetes—carbohydrate intolerance—worse within four hours.

    Now, with enough weight loss by any means—whether from cholera or bariatric surgery—type 2 diabetes can be reversed. But a keto diet for diabetes may not just be papering over the cracks, but actively throwing fuel on the fire.

    More at NutritionFacts: Keto Diets: Does a Ketogenic Diet Help Diabetes or Make It Worse?

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    This is the seventh in a seven-video series on Ketogenic Diets.

    If you are interested in vegan or whole food plant based diets check out Go Whole Food Vegan by a local SMA vegan and The Vegan Wave SMA (Facebook).

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